Overcoming Perfectionism – CRUCIAL Facts Every High Achiever Has To Know


How can you start overcoming perfectionism?

If you’re aligned with scarcity, you’re probably idolizing certain archetypes reflective of your ideal forms.

The “perfect” woman, the “perfect” lifestyle, the “perfect” social circles, the “perfect” work project…

With that said, excessive focus on the ideal causes real opportunities to pass you by. Procrastination happens when perfectionism keeps you detached from the present.

I’ll admit, visualization is a comfortable realm to inhabit. Everything happens much slower in the real world.

However, things will never “just fall into place”.

Staying Fixated On Perfection Keeps You From Jumping
Head First Into Taking Massive Action

As you know, you’ll never be fully committed to any goals until you develop your discipline.

Actions create traits.

Pushing your comfort zone helps you develop a more realistic view of what you need to do in order to get to where you want to be.

Things don’t have to match your tastes 100% in order for you to enjoy them.

Seize The Opportunities Already Available To You

By living today well you do the most within your power to make tomorrow better.

-William Osier

You lose out on your most precious resource (*time*) when you wait on circumstances to be perfect.

No matter if you’re:

  • Playing a role you don’t like
  • “Stuck” in toxic relationships
  • Living in a city out of line with your desires

You can still use your current situation to start compounding your personal value.

The more high-value action you take, the more you stir up momentum.

That’s how you invite abundant energies into your life.

Focus On *Excellence* Instead Of Perfection

An example of a notorious perfectionist is the hip-hop business mogul Dr. Dre.

He has been working on his album Detox for over 15 years!

It’s reached the point where I doubt he will release it, as no album could ever live up to such an extreme amount of hype. Instead, he has more recently switched lanes into the headphones business (selling his company for a whopping 3 billion dollars in the process).

See how its better to take immediate action instead of getting bogged down by idealized projects and ideas?

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

Life is a *journey*, not a destination.

There’s Always Room For Interpretation In
How People Value Things

Different people see perfection in different ways, but it’s hard to deny high value.

The effort required to reach “perfection” should never leave you with diminishing returns.

Do your best work, but not at the expense of wasted time.

Stay present.


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  1. Amato Di Bari says

    Great article, bro. The Dr. Dre thing is something I think about quite often.

    I think, he either really is the most perfectionist artist on earth or he just wanted to create a myth in the music world which makes him mysterious… and being mysterious always creates interest.

    I guess, happiness doesn’t last because it’s based on temporary things. You can’t have permanent happiness. What we call the “perfect life” is mostly a life without severe negative experiences. At first sight, this seems to be enviable, however people that don’t have those negative experiences, lack something.

    Experiences of suffering have great potential. When we fail, make mistakes, get rejected, have fear or are confronted with huge trouble, that involves the chance to grow, to make progress and to be stronger at the end of the day.


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