Are You Subconsciously Aligned With Scarcity?

When I was growing up, my parents instilled me with a frugal sense of economics.They emphasized the value of money over more important yet abstract variables such as time.

My mom is the type of person who’ll drive all the way back to the store if the cashier forgot to use one of her coupons.

While this attitude taught me to avoid wasting money in useless ways, it kept me subconsciously aligned with scarcity. I was unwilling to take greater risks because there was no guaranteed payoff.

Since our perspectives are all encompassing, my internalized sense of scarcity spilled out into other realms of life. The emphasis was placed on losing what I already had.

As I read more about the abundance mentality and the nature of feedback loops/momentum, I realized I wasn’t being very economical with my life’s variables. Where there were opportunities to take higher value action, I kept holding myself back.

To Remove Scarcity, Act Out Of Abundance

What does an abundant world look like to you?

When you notice that there’s more than enough value to go around, you start making decisions that embody the desires of your actualized self.

Acting out of abundance makes you gravitate towards higher value environments, bringing you into contact with like-minded individuals, further eroding your sense of scarcity.

If you’re having trouble internalizing abundance with regards to a particular realm of life, it’s best to place yourself in a situation that directly contradicts any lingering low-value beliefs.

For instance, a great way to conquer sexual scarcity is to spend more time around a city center or other environment reflective of the girls you would like to attract. Remember… the more girls that can see you, the more girls that can choose you.

How You Structure Your Approach = What You Attract

They say that 90% of life is simply showing up and doing the work. Placing yourself within the reach of energies/entities that reflect your goals will have you benefit by association. You can’t expect to embody higher value if you never let your life force circulate properly.

Like the successful business magnate Warren Buffet said,

The best investment you can make is in your SELF.

All your surroundings are reflections of your energy flows.

Go ahead and invest some of your time, money, and energy in the realms most important to you.


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