Do You Honor Your Preferences?

Everything in this world is attractive or repulsive energy.

We gravitate towards what we’re aligned with, and move away from what doesn’t resonate.

Social pressures or fearful thoughts may keep you stuck within a reality out of sync with your true desires. This kind of cognitive dissonance takes away from your overall satisfaction and fulfillment.

Your rhythm is calling out for certain things to be attracted to you, but you must first give yourself permission to honor these preferences.

Everything Is Constantly Re-Aligning Itself Towards Momentary Balance

This infinite universe grants us infinite options.

(Although only a few really make sense).

Out of all the social circles to participate in, all the lifestyles to live, and all the women to have sex with, every one of us has preferences for flavor.

“Love” and “Hate” describe powerful internal reactions regarding attraction and repulsion.

It’s only natural to feel repulsed by certain things, but that doesn’t mean you should let those kinds of externalities significantly impact your emotions. I’ve found it best to take a mental note when I encounter some incompatibility, and then distance myself.

There’s no need to “hate” anything just because you don’t vibe with it.

Everyone has a niche to fill, and the only way for you to find this region of existence is to be honest with yourself.

You’re Not Obligated To Follow Anyone’s Vision
For Your Life

That’s entirely for YOU to decide

To “honor your preferences” doesn’t mean to constantly indulge in entertainment/escapism…

(Unless you want to be a loser)

The cost of attaining your dreams comes at the price of economically used attention units over time.

What it really means to be honest with yourself is to follow through with the tastes of your highest-value (actualized) self.

  • Perhaps you prefer posh brunettes over blonde valley girls
  • Perhaps you’d rather be a musician instead of an investment banker
  • Perhaps you’d rather be built like a bodybuilder instead of a swimmer

Are any one of these choices and resulting lifestyles/identities objectively “better” than each other?

When You Reach A Certain Point,
Things Simply Become A Matter Of Taste

Regardless of the particular brand of value you’d like to maximize, there will always be certain people who are strongly repelled by your life choices.

We all hallucinate our own sense of what we find valuable based on our past experiences, our hopes/dreams, and our internal needs.

  • One man’s 7 is another man’s 5.
  • One man’s goddess is another man’s hoe.
  • One man’s dream life is another man’s hell.

It’s your personal duty to find your own balance within the spectrum of “higher value”.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about creating your own reality, check out “How I found Freedom in an Unfree World” (Amazon) by Harry Browne. It contains lots of great information about optimizing your life by staying true to yourself.

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  1. Amato Di Bari says

    “One man’s 7 is another man’s 5.”

    Damn right. That’s why this rating of attractiveness has to stop. Some people show me their perfect 10s and I just see a boring “pretty” face you can see on any magazine.

    Many women are pretty, but we all have different preferences. A lot of times, I like women that remind me of one my ex-girlfriends. So, even if a woman looks like a supermodel, if she doesn’t look a bit like one of my ex-girlfriends, I am not interested in her.


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