8 Sales Strategies That Apply To Game

Game is “applied charisma”.

This is the same skill required for effective salesmanship.

When seducing women, your goal is to convey the worth of your “VALUE” (psychosocial dominance).

This type of value is more abstract to measure than the goods most salesmen sell. However, the principles of salesmanship still apply.

Your “value” is perceived to be highest by a particular group of people. This is because your utility fits their needs. A salesman demonstrates the connection between his value and his customer’s needs.

Strive to bridge this gap as optimally as possible.

Good salesmanship isn’t about being sleazy or deceptive. It’s about providing a great service and casting your product in the best light possible. Many are unaware that self-sabotages dulls their shine.

Here are 8 sales strategies that apply directly to your game:

1) Social Proof

People like products backed by others. Endorsements affect potency of public image.

Higher value vouchers = more popularity

With regards to game, pulling girls from your social circles is playing on easy mode. There’s hardly any ice to break. Social proof in such a scenario is already existent. Your friends are a direct statement of who you are and what kind of lifestyle you’re a part of.

Your social value becomes more tangible based on what you surround yourself with. If you’re seen with good looking women, other girls will judge you accordingly. Conversely, If you keep the company of low-value women, girls will see you as desperate. No girl wants a man unless his stock is already in high demand.

If high value social connections (both male and female) are willing to vouch for your name, then your aura will glow brighter and you’ll immediately be perceived as more likeable/charismatic. A good name is one of the most important assets you can possess.

2) Liking

When a person’s likeable, we feel more inclined to help them out. People orient themselves around positive power-houses because they ADD value. Winners spill their internal well-being onto everyone they come into contact with.

Negative people suck value by dragging others down. They summon attention by throwing people out of their rhythm, quickly repelling those with any shred of self-respect. Their anti-charisma drains emotional resources, never giving anything in return. These kinds of people are gigantic value-sinks.

Your intuition tells you to avoid them.

A charismatic individual expresses himself in a passionate manner. Internal sentiments are conveyed through intensity of language (both verbal and physical). Energy emerging out of a state of abundance creates powerful emotional shockwaves. People always remember what impacted their emotions the strongest.

Girls “like” you if your vibe generates gina tingles. They’re turned on by masculine/dominant/self-assured/socially fluent men.

3) Authority

Authority arises out of respect. When people sense that you’re not worried, it makes them respect you more. If you remain unreactive to other frames, it gives you the ability to set the tone of the dynamic. This is where you can positively reframe any inquiries.

Positive reframing is the essence of sales. Framing shows people how to look at things differently. Reframing is re-contextualization. You want to keep your product anchored in good feelings.

The goal is to always convey a vibe of confidence and certainty. If you express an air of authority, people will trust you more strongly due to the increased weight of your words. Trust leads to better connections, stable value/energy flows, and more overall clout.

4) Scarcity

Scarce commodities are perceived as more valuable if the demand remains tangible. Diamonds are one such example thereof. The company “De Beers” holds a monopoly on the diamond trade, increasing prices by limiting available supply.

Similarly, you can raise the value of your time by making it harder to obtain. Presenting yourself as a mystery gives peoples’ mental hamsters room to run. They’ll fill in the blanks about you with their imagination.

Pussy-ass dudes put girls on pedestals because their minds are rooted in sexual scarcity. This causes them to see vaginas as extremely valuable. No wonder they waste so many of their resources trying to get laid.

For the man who lives in abundance, he knows that another girl is always right around the corner. Therefore, he devotes his time towards investing in HIMSELF.

5) Consistency

No matter how good you are, everything is ultimately a numbers game. The best players have around 2% close rates, yet they still manage to have great success.

You don’t have to like the process of looking for new clients – you just have to do it. The more girls you talk to, the more that can choose you.

This doesn’t mean to delusionally cling to any and all weak leads if your pool happens to be dry. If your value isn’t appreciated, it’s better to move on to greener pastures.

6) Reciprocation

If you do something more than once, it becomes an obligation. You always want to maintain a sense of healthy exchange while socializing.

As a salesman, you must first make your value clear – Have more to offer than what your actual product is worth. People want to buy into your stock when you give them reasons to throw value back at you.

This is similar to how the expression of a masculine vibe draws out a woman’s feminine instincts. A girl will reciprocate your value by doing “favors” for you. This balance leads to a positive feedback loop where the more she does, the more she falls in love.

7) Outcome Independence

Hearing “no” and feeling bad about yourself is one of the most self-defeating things you can ever do. Never place emotion above taking action. You must stay true to the principles of game regardless of circumstance.

True vulnerability is not caring about rejection. That’s what allows the most compatible externalities to get attracted to you. The less you care about peoples’ opinions, the more they’ll love you.

Do things because you want to do them, not because you’re seeking approval.

8) Defying Expectations

Developing an unconventional style keeps you memorable. It takes balls (value) to come up with something new.

What’s your product’s unique selling proposition?

It’s essential for you to emphasize the uncommon aspects of your product and how it adds value where others don’t. People don’t expect much in terms of service or buying experience, so prove them wrong.

The greatest people/companies ALWAYS over-deliver no matter what their service is.

This doesn’t mean you should carelessly leak value, but rather channel it in an abundant manner.

PS. Read “Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar.


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