How To Forge Your Own Path Via Positive Disintegration


Let’s just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That’s all it was… curiosity.

-Jim Morrison

What is “Positive Disintegration“?

The basic idea is when you stay true to yourself and ignore conventional scripts to forge your own path, old mental thinking patterns break down.

Stepping Out Of A “Normal” Mold Induces Strong Waves Of Tension And Anxiety

This process is a necessary stepping stone required to establish an authentic sense of self.

With time, a new reference point becomes normalized as your base perspective. Walking the path of positive disintegration requires you to critically evaluate *resonations*.

What this means is to surround yourself with what your calling demands you to be. This requires you to deal with an internal clash of ideologies. (What you want vs. what others want for you).

People who are drawn to forging their own paths often have an innate desire for creative expression. The generic corporate schlub lifestyle filled with readily-accessible “comforts” is not congruent to who they are deep down inside.

If your internal will is powerful enough to demand authenticity, nothing external can come between you and your vision.

Nobody Can Bestow Or Rob You Of This Desire

Your character/personality/identity is shaped by the experiences that the nature of your will invites into your life. As you grow internally, your surroundings will re-adjust themselves to find momentary equilibrium.

Energies resonating today may fall out of sync tomorrow.

When you stay true to yourself, you carve your own clearing within the infinite storehouse of possibility. Finding your life’s task is simply a matter of following through on apparent tangents within your frequented arenas allowing for more optimal expression of internal value.

The only way forward for a self-sufficient individual is for him to forge his own path in the direction that his inner-strength tells him to go. Even though others have succeeded before him in somewhat similar realms, every will encounters a different blend of challenges unique to itself.

Your lifestyle/identity develops structure through your principles, and your principles are shaped by your experiences.

Positive Disintegration Is The Mental Struggle Of You Asserting Your Frame Over The External World

As your identity and belief system continue to develop, an authentic sense of confidence begins to bloom that is both congruent with high value and personal goals.

No substantial development can occur without pain. You must destroy your unconsciously assimilated “limitations” through trial & error in order to build a more resilient structure anew.

Stress is a part of the process. External pressures will forcefully try to drag you back into a more “comfortable” state of being.

There’s No Guarantee Of
What You’ll Encounter Along The Way

As you become more sure of your mission, these demons will disperse and your values will solidify. With a stronger metaphysical structure built up within you, a higher-value identity begins to emerge.

Conscious reaction is required to stir up positive momentum, but once a certain tipping point is reached it manages to sustain itself through congruence between your micro & macro frames.

It definitely is a process to establish your own unique guiding principles, but it’s entirely worth it once you emerge victorious as your authentic high-value self.

PS. Read “Personality Shaping through Positive Disintegration” by Kazimierz Dabrowski.


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