How Your Consciousness Colors Your Experience


It is in the mind we see, and in the mind we live, whether we know it or not.

-Dale Carnegie

You perceive the world through the lens of your consciousness.

This “coloring” of your environment influences how things look to you, revealing different options with every projection.

There’s a lot to be learned about where you rank within the sphere of consciousness if you examine both your behavior and personal narrative.

  • What kinds of questions do you ask?
  • What are these questions motivated by?
  • Do your interests serve a therapeutic need?

Everything You Seek And Invite Into Your Life
Reflects Your Rhythm

When you feel about people in a certain way or believe in a particular outcome, your manner of speech and body language will express it.

This is why it’s important for you to examine your reality tunnel/inner-will with a critical eye.

When your consciousness is ready to take its next step, things will start to look very different to you.

A teacher may appear… A book may fall into your lap… A vital lesson may open your eyes…

Every “rationalization hamster” (male or female) distorts context in order to confirm its own level of consciousness. The higher you rise, the more you can reconcile your ego with reality.

Spiritual Evolution Is Intuitive Instead Of Rational

You can understand certain ideas with your conscious mind but fail to integrate them emotionally. This is why it’s possible to feel attached to lingering seeds of scarcity/low value conceptions.

At the same time, the mind tends to dismiss what it isn’t ready to comprehend. A pussy-ass simp refuses to leave his childish fantasy world because it serves certain internal needs.

Growth Is Always A Deeply Personal Experience

The subjective nature of your individuated will presents you with whatever growth opportunities you need in order to evolve to the next level. These challenges will appear over and over again until they’re mastered.

Every lesson learned removes more of your perceived “limitations”.

The more such an illusion fades away, the more you become aware of the infinite power within.


Are you prepared to live out the actualized role your intuition is pulling you towards?

Other people may try to give you well-intentioned advice, but such a context only arises out of their own perspective. Your actions may not always make sense to them – and that’s perfectly fine.

This journey is for no one but yourself.

The only way forward is through the guidance of genuine self-worth.

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