Every Person Is A Bridge Into Another World

I read somewhere a while back that “every person is a bridge into another world.”

This quote is important if you’re hungry for an unconventional life.

How Can You Avoid A Cookie-Cutter Lifestyle
Of Mediocrity?

In order to head in the right direction, you must first find an effective means of navigation. It takes a while to realize your vision, even when the right mental seeds are planted.

All of us are on varying trajectories that are going in different directions. Some of these reality tunnels occasionally overlap, and many will never come into contact with one another.

“Networking” is so powerful that even the slightest encounter with a given individual can completely change your reality overnight. Although, most of the time the process is more gradual.

Every Lifestyle You Come Into Contact With Grants You The Opportunity For Further Exploration

The more we become intrigued about certain arenas and entities, the more experiences reflective of those energies come into reach. We only truly see that which we are in alignment with.

When I first awoke to my personal power, I was full of nihilistic anger. Soon thereafter, I became surrounded by other people who didn’t give a fuck. The reality that subconsciously emerged mirrored my state of mind.

My peer group consisted of alcoholics, drug dealers, and convicted felons.

While these individuals were obviously very outcome independent, they were scumbags. It was easy for them to pull women and dominate social situations, but they had zero sense of structure in their lives. The never-ending hedonistic party that comprised their day-to-day lifestyle was clearly not sustainable in the long run. They were numbing themselves to the hole they were in, and consequently kept digging themselves deeper.

I looked at the mirror they were holding back at me and didn’t like what I saw. If I was to continue walking down that path, I would only become more and more like them.

That epiphany is what inspired me to place my focus on GIVING value.

These guys were living highly dysfunctional (albeit “alpha”) lives and I wanted to distance myself from their lack of character. While I did learn many important lessons from them, they showed me that raw alpha-ness is only part of the equation.

I cut ties with all those bridges and left that world behind.

Dominance Doesn’t Equal Functionality. Giving An Abundance Of Value Doesn’t Make You A Pussy.

These days, I am more aligned with positive/abundant minded individuals. My nihilism was vanquished upon coming to the realization that everyone creates their own sense of value in the world.

That former mentality and it’s accompanying lifestyle no longer resonate.

If you’ve been drawn into reading this website, you are probably yearning for an unconventional lifestyle of your own.

The Process Of Finding Your Authentic Self Is
Full Of Detours

The good thing is that the external world will always mirror your mentality back at you via socialization. However, the real question is whether or not you are strong enough to accept this image and make the appropriate changes.

You are the representative of your lifestyle, and every one of your social connections is the representative of his own. Our tribal nature enables us to realize larger visions and goals when we combine our energies and options. At the same time, it’s always important to evaluate if the organism of your social group is headed in the right direction.

When faced with a resonation, ask yourself,

Do I want to plunge deeper into this reality?

Remember, you’re always the one with the choice.

What world do YOU want to be a part of?


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