How Your Identity Affects Your Achievements


Your self-image is the giant controller of your personal destiny.

-Joe Karbo

Your Will Reveals Itself As An Identity.

Tendencies, accomplishments, capabilities, and mental “limitations” all define this accumulated sense of “I”. While I believe there’s some degree of an inborn essence that remains static, our identities are ultimately as flexible as we let them be.

Your “comfort zone” is merely a particular clearing in the vast reservoir of experience familiar to yourself. Some of these subjective worlds are quite gigantic, while others are extremely limited. The more risks you take and the more failure you’re willing to endure, the more your identity will expand to reflect your altered sense of normalcy.

Your Identity Affects Your Achievements
Because It Defines Your Sense Of “Limitation”

Oftentimes, the external hurdles we face are simply mental blocks that have emerged out of a limited scope of experience. Living out of fear and anxiety makes one a lot more prone to internalize seeds of self-sabotage.

Every identity is forged through repetition of action.

I’ve met people who have gone from broke to rich, fat to fit, and lame to cool (and vice versa). Oftentimes, this metaphysical evolution/devolution is the result of a jarring emotional event/process.

No matter the case, every achievement or mental adjustment reflects a committed change of identity.

The “catch up” the external world plays means nothing when an evolved mind starts taking advantage of newly perceived choices.

  • Do you hold yourself back because of who you believe yourself to be?
  • Have you fallen into a routine out of touch with your goals just to “blow off steam”?

You Don’t Exist Inside A Box

Mediocre lives are forged with mediocre identities.

To achieve more, you must first believe you ARE more.

A winning identity begins within your mind, and solidifies as you take continuous action.


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