Natural Game – The SMARTER Way To Get More Lays And Higher Pay

organic game
What is natural game?

It’s the most efficient way to meet girls and make more money.

If you’re chasing girls at the expense of your overall value, you’re putting pussy on a pedestal. Such an outlook arises out of a scarcity mentality, demonstrating a lack of confidence in your lifestyle.

Girls should flow through your world as *naturally* as possible.

Living the life of a winner requires you to optimize your own unique energy flows.

It’s about focusing on your own value.

What’s the best way to go about it?

Spend Your Day Frequenting Arenas Of *Intrigue*

When you embrace the resonations calling your name, you let the most compatible surroundings become part of your life.

Keep in mind, every niche has its own scene. Its energies attracts similarly-minded people like moths to a light bulb. The girls you currently have access to are reflective of the environments you spend the most time in.

As you invest in your quality of mind, you’ll find yourself re-arranging your daily routine as a means of staying congruent.

Instead of writing this article at home, I decided to let my energy circulate by biking across town to a local coffeeshop.

This approach serves as a brief meditation, while simultaneously giving me access to a wider range of people, increasing my sense of social abundance.

There’s No Pressure To Meet Anyone When You Live An Interesting Lifestyle

If you “coincidentally” see a girl who intrigues you, you can freely make a comment about something she’s doing/wearing.

  • That book looks interesting. What’s it about?
  • What does that phrase mean? (said about lettering on her shirt)
  • My friend got one of those Maté gourds when he went to South America… You must be Argentinean.

Sometimes the girl will be down for further conversation, and other times she won’t be. It doesn’t matter either way because an active lifestyle enables you to see hundreds of women on a day-to-day basis.

I feel like people place too much emphasis on coming up with a clever opener instead of just living in the moment and following their own intrigue.

Now here comes the good part.

How Does Natural Game Get You Higher Pay?

You see, natural game = living life out of your own frame.

By doing so, you spend less on women AND open up time to make more money.

It’s about *efficiency*.

High-value men don’t chase women – PERIOD.

They’re too busy winning to compromise their rhythm.

There Isn’t Much Sense Talking To A Girl Unless Her Vibe Interests You

The goal is to let your energy circulate, not force a particular outcome.

Living in harmony with abundance allows you to take action for the sake of self-amusement because of how expansive your options are.

Remember, women are supposed to be the dessert of your life – never the focus.

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