Are You Putting Everything In Its Rightful Place?

rightful place
Life is a symphony of elements that relate to one another in different ways.

Every element has its own place within the energy field that repels/attracts other things.

Strengths and weaknesses arise based on one element’s relation to all the others.

Where One Thing Dominates, Another Lacks
(And Vice Versa)

Every experience you have is a means to develop understanding of how every element relates to one another.

The fractal nature of these patterns apply to everything from skillsets to social behaviors, and business structures to fitness regiments.

Finding balance within your life is a matter of putting your external elements in their rightful place based on how well your internal rhythm vibes with them.

You May Find Yourself “Stuck” In A Situation Out Of Alignment With What Your Energy Flows Demand

  • living with a psychotic roommate who screams to himself in the middle of the night (yes this actually used to happen)
  • family members who don’t understand or approve of your lifestyle
  • outgrown crab-in-a-bucket “friends” who want to pull you towards mediocrity
  • working a job that doesn’t utilize your full potential

The list goes on and on…

If any of these situations don’t contribute anything positive to your life’s purpose, then you must distance yourself so your destined lifestyle can begin to take shape.

This is similar to freezing people out.

A man of value finds balance within the world based on the standard he sets for himself.

There’s No Need To Expend Valuable Energy Trying To Force Elements To Act Against Their Nature

People will hate.

Many won’t comprehend.

Some will attempt to shame you to validate their own choices.

Regardless of the external pressures you may face, it’s up to you to develop a visceral understanding of your own unique rhythm and how it fits in with the grand patterns of nature.

Every reality tunnel has its own pre-dominant “themes” if you will.

The high value principles of success have an overlap within these themes, but there’s still lots of room for improvisation.

Actualization is the development of your OWN style based on what YOUR strengths dominate against.


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