Practical Progress! Why Attention To Detail Matters

Does attention to detail really matter?

As we go through life investing various currencies into our arenas of choice, we hunger for immediate and gigantic gains.

However, spending too much focus on an end goal causes you to lose sight of the daily process excellence demands.

The smallest change in the quality of your daily efforts (a.k.a. your “will to life”) gradually alters your trajectory until you suddenly find yourself living an entirely different lifestyle.

The nature of change tends to be exponential (a whole bunch of nothing and then massive results).

Whether Your Results Are Positive Or Negative Depends Entirely On Your Daily Habits

This is why attention to detail is so crucial.

Regardless of your approach to life, there will always be a final straw that breaks your camel’s back.

The smallest bricks that you’re laying right at this very moment (thoughts and actions) are echoing far into your future.

I heard a quote somewhere that said,

how you do one thing is how you do everything.

There are clues strewn about your reality tunnel demonstrating your quality of will.

  • Is your living/work space a mess?
  • Do you leave projects unfinished?
  • Do you never “find the time” to accomplish what you “truly” want?

Large Goals Are Attained Through The
Accumulation Of Small Changes

No matter what it is that you would like to accomplish, it’s best to start doing all of your daily tasks as best you can.

The smallest victories contribute to your all-important sense of positive/high-value momentum.

A multitude of smaller wins under your belt helps you pull the trigger when/where it really counts.

Excellence > “Perfectionism


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