How To Find Inspiration Right Now


Don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to hit, just get busy getting rich.

-Felix Dennis

How can you find inspiration?

The energy you PUT IN is the energy you GET BACK.

Experiencing a lack of inspiration is a symptom that your life force isn’t circulating properly.

How To Find Inspiration – “An Object In Motion”

You may ask, “What if I find myself stuck and don’t know what kind of action to take?”

I’ve found myself in such a position from time to time and made the mistake of waiting for the “perfect” solution to reveal itself to me. This was foolish because it reinforced a sense of stagnation.

All that matters is you stay in motion. Even the smallest steps makes a difference.

Your intuition gives you ideas based on whatever circulates within your reality.

  • Could express your value into a fresh medium?
  • Could combine familiar elements in an unorthodox way?
  • Could you re-interpret something you came across on your daily routine?

There are deep pools of inspiration waiting behind the blockages you’re currently facing

The only way to break through these barriers is to chip away at them day in and day out.

Sometimes I’ll try an idea that my intuition has nudged me towards, but it doesn’t end up working out. However, the process itself will reveal a few nuggets of gold. As I continue to work, these mini epiphanies accumulate until I get hit with a breakthrough moment of extreme productivity/inspiration.

Despite what gurus may say, it’s impossible to sustain the peaks of creativity. All that matters is you keep your life force in motion. Even if you take action in an arena unrelated to your primary interest/career, you’ll still come across some interesting developments because everything is connected.

Perspiration leads to inspiration.

Wallstreetplayboys recommend writing 3,000 words a day as an immediate actionable step. This is a straightforward method to grind through blockages.

Ever since I implemented this habit into my routine, I noticed a tangible increase in my overall sense of positive momentum.

The writing doesn’t even have to be mind-blowing – It’s simply a warm-up to get the creative juices flowing.

If you happen to be more visually inclined (i.e. artist/graphic designer), you could replace this writing exercise with a bit of freehand doodling.

Just let your pen flow and your mind wander.

Emerging Elements Connect With One Another, Gradually Revealing Developments

There are always a few actionable steps floating around within your mind but whether you neglect them or not is another story.

Inspiration will flow when you stay active enough to stimulate it.


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