Here’s How To Make Money As An Artist

So you want to find out how to make money as an artist.

I’ll admit, this is a problem I’ve faced throughout my own life.

Outside of blogging, I also produce music and do art/design work. Throughout my experiences within those various worlds I’ve learned many important lessons.

How can you combine your passion with your income?

Let’s start with the basics.

“Creative” Types Often Have Bad Relationships
With Money

“Nah maaaaan, I don’t want to prostitute my work and become another capitalist pig.”

The reason why more artists aren’t successful is because they have bad attitudes. Many of them use the lifestyle as an excuse for degeneracy without trying to attain greater success. They resent money and “capitalism” because they look at wealth and see their own failures. Money is a symbol of everything they don’t have (order, discipline, etc.).

Little do they realize, this kind of relationship with money creates a reality rooted in scarcity.

Artists often lack bang-for-buck sense of value. Taggers (graffiti artists) will spend all their “valuable” time building a reputation but then refuse to cash in where it really matters (turning prestige into money). Talk about extreme risks with no payoffs. It’s crucial to develop the economic sense to avoid such massive value sinks.

The 2 most important steps you can take to make money as an artist is to:

Study Marketing And Study Salesmanship

Mastering the art of presentation of a whole other beast to slay. You could be producing excellent/creative work but aren’t portraying it in a manner that allows its full value to shine through.

VALUE comes first, but PRESENTATION influences how it is PERCEIVED.

The naysayers shout that “there’s no money in art!!”

When you open your eyes, you see EVERYTHING IS ART.

  • What about the guys who open their own galleries and go on to make millions?
  • What about the guys who decide that their talents are WORTHY of capitalization?
  • What about the guys who diversify their product so as to find a more appropriate niche?

Those who undercut their potential do so willingly (albeit subconsciously) because of the INTERNAL relationships they have with EXTERNAL concepts/objects.

There’s nothing noble about staying broke for the sake of some misplaced sense of honor.

Closing Thoughts

  • Marketing and sales skills help maximize the shine of your product.
  • Many artistic types have bad relationships with money.
  • Don’t waste your time where it won’t pay off.

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Relevant Reading:

  1. Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar
  2. The Ultimate Marketing Plan” by Dan S. Kennedy
  3. No B.S. Direct Marketing” by Dan S. Kennedy

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