Know What It Is That You Want

When you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you want because desire and the self are inseparable.

-Dan Peña

To step into a certain role (career, identity, lifestyle, etc.), you must know exactly what you want.

This vision may feel a bit vague in the beginning.

You feel your intuition nudging you towards a particular arena…

You have a thirst to break out of the mold you’ve settled into…

The more you *commit* to your desired outcome, the clearer your ideas and visualizations become

From a poor/scarce perspective, rich/abundant-minded people seem foreign or out of reach.

When you spend more time in environments reflective of these individuals, you see they’re human just like yourself – They just happen to apply themselves a bit differently.

The renowned books “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield and “Your First 100 Million” by Dan Peña both stress the importance of ramping up the *details* of your visualizations.

  • Hang out with the future version of yourself.
  • Take a drive through your ideal neighborhood.
  • Feel the textures of the clothes you’re going to wear.
  • Really *embrace* the accompanying emotions and sensations of the role you’d like to assume.

Let’s take a look at 2 different characters

One of them claims to be an “entrepreneur”, but gets blackout drunk 3-4 nights a week and spends his free time reading feel-good clickbait articles about success.

The other man designs a rigorous daily schedule revolving around his mission statement: “I’m so glad to have a net worth of a million dollars via multiple streams of online income (writing, music, and art) by August 1st, 2019”.

Who is more likely to realize his vision?

The deeper you embed yourself into a particular reality tunnel, the easier it becomes to understand what your desired outcome feels like.

You want to familiarize yourself with that approach/rhythm/routine until it becomes the water to your fish.

*Action* is the only way to stimulate circulation

Visualizations grow stale when you stay sedentary.

Inspiration blooms WHILE you work, not before you get started.

Building a new reality/lifestyle requires you to go through an uncomfortable period of positive disintegration as you work to expand your comfort zone.

This experience is the death of your old identity.

When you emerge on the other side in full alignment with abundance, your destination solidifies.


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