Starting Today You Can Improve Your Personal Value… With This Simple Mindset Shift

mindset shift

How to improve your personal value?

Every social interaction contains some degree of VALUE-SUCK vs. VALUE-ADD.

High-value realities transmit abundance to everyone they come into contact with.

This type of presence lights up a room without the person even saying anything.

Your Personal Value Is The Sum Of What You
Give Your Energy To

Aim to invest *value* where it matters.

At the same time, eliminate VALUE-SUCK.

VALUE-SUCK is an abrasive drain on the higher-value person within the dynamic.

The financial/material component thereof is only part of the overall equation. Most value exchanges operate on a more subtle level.

  • Do you exude infectious positivity or negativity?
  • Are you first in line to consume, even if you didn’t provide?
  • Could your behavior be labeled “try hard” in any way, shape, or form?
  • Do you tell tasteless jokes/stories out of touch with the vibe of the situation?

Generally, every group/tribe (gang, company, band, etc.) finds itself on a similar spectrum of value. Losers associate with losers, and winners associate with winners (birds of a feather). Every member must bring something to the table to maintain association. If this sense of exchange becomes too imbalanced, the leech becomes ostracized and is forced out of the group.

This Same Principle Applies To All Social Situations,
Even Temporary Ones

Everyone enjoys vibing within the presence of winners, but what MAKES YOU fit to run in such social circles?

  • Is your hygiene on point?
  • Are you physically in shape?
  • Do you offer engaging ideas or experiences/activities?

To become part of a greater lifestyle, you must become the equivalent of what (and who) you want to surround yourself with.

In the movie Goodfellas (1990) when the mobster Henry Hill takes his girlfriend Karen on a date to a restaurant, he gives *value* to everyone who he passes on the way in. Henry greets all the staff, pats them on their shoulders, slips them money, and exudes an overall sense of joie de vivre.

(Even gangsters have principles.)

Similarly, in another scene where the mob boss Jimmy Conway is introduced, he slips everyone in his circle $20’s (even the children) as he walks into one of his favorite venues. Jimmy wasn’t “buying friends”, he was just sharing abundance with the people who he valued.

Little dopamine hits influence people to associate your vibe with good feelings.

You don’t have to go and deplete your savings – a simple handshake and warm smile will suffice.

Value-Suck Expects Something For Nothing

I recently went hiking with one of my friend’s social circles.

On the trip, there was a guy who was trying to sniff out what kind of connections everyone else had. Instead of gradually allowing things to unfold, he got straight to asking deeply personal questions while boasting about his own life at the same time.

His try-hard stench made me sick to my stomach.

Why would any person of value want to bring this guy deeper into their reality when he so obviously approaches life as a VALUE-SUCK?

Life Is A Balance Of Give And Take

You must first give value to others to have it return to you.

Guys have trouble attracting women when they view their interactions through the lens of “GETTING pussy” instead of “GIVING them dick”.

When you flip the script within your mind from one of a VALUE TAKER to a VALUE GIVER, your world changes dramatically.


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