Here’s How Working Out Affects Your Mental Fitness

Does working out affect your mental fitness?

As you know, your mind makes decisions on the spectrum of comfort vs. growth

Think of Mr. Comfort and Mr. Growth on your shoulders (a lá angel & devil), nudging you towards certain choices.

You become whichever character you listen to more often.

Working out affects your mental fitness by gradually suppressing Mr. Comfort until his influence is greatly reduced. This leaves room for Mr. Growth to make the majority of your decisions for you.

(We all know how much nature hates a vacuum).

This strengthened power of Mr. Growth (a.k.a. discipline) then spills into every other realm of life.

I first started taking my own version of Mr. Growth seriously around this time last year when I was homeless in a major city. There was nowhere to turn except for my own self-sufficiency.

Exposure to that kind of reality forced me to refine the quality of my consciousness, nudging me to work out more often as a result.

Everything always comes full circle.

Your Mind Is Your Body. Your Body Is Your Mind.

A loser lifestyle fully embraces the beckoning call of Mr. Comfort. There’s no internal mechanism holding back the floodgates. The path of least resistance is the only (perceived) option for such a person.

When you push yourself *physically*, you push yourself *mentally* as well, erecting metaphysical structures within. This framework then works its magic in every situation you encounter.

Discipline is the foundation of your life. It can be developed in many different ways (reading dense books, investing into a skillset, following higher-value habits, etc), although I’ve found working out to be most effective.

It’s Really Just A Matter Of What You Accept For Yourself

Do you give up 2/3rds of the way through your final set?

Absolutely fucking not!

The voice that cheers you on becomes an internalized part of your being, dominating every single decision you make.




If you don’t have a positive self-image, chances are you spend too much time listening to Mr. Comfort. He envies Mr. Growth. His shameful energy wants to pull you down to his level.

Even though Mr. Comfort can never be killed off entirely due to the dual nature of the universe, you still want to distance yourself from this aspect of your personality as much as you can.


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  1. Samuel says

    Longtime reader here. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this post. Cold showers are also good for growth. Mr. Comfort will come up with every excuse in the book as to why you shouldn’t take one.


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