5 Immediate Benefits of Working Out

working out

Working out regularly changes your rhythm.

Changing your rhythm attracts higher-quality peers and situations.

From the physical to the metaphysical, working out affects your entire life. It’s the foundation for a higher-value identity.

Before I refined the quality of my mind, I only worked out on and off.

As I exposed myself to higher value influences and environments, my body gravitated towards the gym more frequently as a means to maintain congruence with this new identity.

Here are some of the immediate benefits of working out:

1. More Energy Throughout The Day

The more energy you give, the more energy you get. This sounds contradictory, but it’s merely a reflection of the all-encompassing nature of our realities.

Your body requires healthy circulation of various energy flows (breathing, socialization, money, nutrients, etc) in order to prosper. Self-development is simply a process of raising your overall baseline, stimulating a greater quality of life.

2. More Satisfying Sleep

I immediately noticed myself falling asleep quicker and waking up earlier. My mornings are far less groggy, and I awake with a boost of energy. The quality of sleep I get is also significantly more potent.

3. Greater Sense Of Outcome Independence

When the fitness component of your life is handled, you’ll find less concrete reasons to second guess yourself. By walking around feeling great, other people pick up on your vibe.

Invest into your own value will have you stop seeking fulfillment through external means.

4. Increased Feeling Of Interconnectedness

A consistent work out routine makes you more in touch with your body. It grounds you to the earth and increases your awareness of the interconnected nature of all that is. This improves your circadian rhythm, optimizing your energy flows to move much more smoothly.

5. Sharper Sensory Perception

When you’re in tune with your body, your senses perform a lot better. There’s less mind fog, which leads to a heightened sense of internalized confidence that accompanies your decisions. This change seems subtle, but is actually quite pronounced. It places you on a higher plane of reality, ultimately altering your identity.

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