The Essence Of Game: Creating An Emotional Experience

essence of game
What’s the essence of game?

As important as it is to keep a stoic presence of mind, it’s crucial to understand the nature of emotion and how it colors the human experience. Outside of basic necessities, people buy/desire things because of the emotions they evoke within them.

Every brand embodies a *feeling*.

Since game is sales, you want to take this same concept and apply it to your interactions with women.

  • What does your brand represent?
  • What kind of emotional experience do you have to offer?
  • How do you make a girl *feel* about investing into your stock?

The Essence Of Game Is To Make A Girl Feel
Excited About You

Girls feel “gina tingles” when they find themselves in the presence of a masculine man. His unapologetic vibe creates waves of energy which cascade outwards, stimulating the female hindbrain on a visceral level.

It’s how you carry yourself (sculpt your appearance/identity) which determines how you’re perceived.

Regardless if these moves are conscious or unconscious, they still carry the same potency.

The Crucial Ingredient In The Rhythm Of Drama
Is Suspense

Girls tingle when facing unpredictability, and the only way to pull this off successfully is to be sure of yourself.

When you can withstand social demands/feel comfortable within a vacuum of “tension”, you can dictate the terms of engagement.

Pressure is power.

Lower-value guys fail at game because they’re too scared to take social risks.

They think to themselves,

What if she gets offended?

What if she doesn’t like me?

I don’t want to risk losing my limited options.

Scarcity And Low Value Go Hand In Hand

Game shines a glaring light onto all of your deficiencies. A dude who feels inadequate will strive to avoid potential rejections because he doesn’t want to confirm his low-value identity.

It’s “easier” to live in denial than to acknowledge your product sucks.

People fear the possibility of rejection because they fear the unknown. There’s always a bit of uncertainty crackling in the air when you talk to a new person.

Even if you have an internalized sense of high-value, not everyone will appreciate what you have to offer.

The Only Way To Become A Winner Is To Brave This Uncertainty (Whether In Game/Business/Etc)

Shit tests/drama schemes aim to throw you off your game because people want to know whether or not you’re the real deal.

You have to feel comfortable enough with yourself to make a girl feel a RANGE OF EMOTIONS, and it’s this CERTAINTY within UNCERTAINTY which makes you attractive.

Understanding the essence of game not only helps you get more women, it also makes the process a whole lot more fun.

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