The Better Way To Switch Up Your Daily Routine


Both the body and brain thrive on novelty and variation.

-Mikael Syding

As important as it is to create a high-value schedule, your daily routine will eventually grow stale as your sense of normalcy adjusts.

How To Switch Up Your Daily Routine?

Internalize keystone habits, but keep yourself flexible.

It’s important to improvise when discovering different info.

The same habits repeated over and over again gradually dull your mind. In order to stay fresh, you must constantly expose yourself to new ideas, information, people, and environments.

Keep your influences and energies circulating.

Your sense of normalcy is continually adjusting itself to the challenges you encounter.

Today’s breakthroughs gradually become tomorrow’s warmups. Diversifying your routine means to expose yourself to new experiences of growth-oriented discomfort.

This Mindset Is A Lifestyle Commitment

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, lacking motivation, or are a bit too comfortable with your current position, it’s time to hit yourself with something unexpected.

  • Try some new exercises at the gym.
  • Read a book about a topic you know nothing about.
  • Frequent a venue in a scene/neighborhood unfamiliar to you.

The kind of “mild shock” these experiences deliver to your body and mind heighten your presence.

It Can Be Surprising How Much Of A Difference Subtle Changes Can Make

Even if you engage in high-value habits on a daily basis, you want to avoid staying within the same realm of normalcy for extended periods of time (i.e. going to the gym and doing the same exercises with the same weights/same intensity, only flirting with girls in your social circle, reading books on the same topic, etc).

These habits are definitely valuable, but a monotonous approach keeps you within a limited sphere of experience.

Always be pushing the limits of your daily routine while taking a sense of healthy risk into account.

WARNING: Broadly overstepping your capabilities at once can lead to serious consequences.


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