What Is Abundant Living?

The essence of abundant living is *confidence* in your ability to get what you want out of life.

Regardless of what happens, you understand that your most valuable asset (your mind) will always let you come out on top.

People fail to manifest abundance because they would rather cling to their low-value identities instead of stepping into the unknown.

This fear Is Greatly Exaggerated

  • There is no need to get mad when a girl flakes if another one is right around the corner.
  • There is no need to be stingy about sharing value when you don’t feel any competition anxiety.

Hoarding is a symptom of a mind aligned with scarcity. This behavior arises out of a FEAR of LOSS.

Making Decisions Out Of Fear And Anxiety Will Actually Invite More Of The Same Into Your Life

Some may even go so far as to justify these actions under a false pretense of “virtue”.

Many people assume that “to live abundantly” means to be blindly altruistic. However, those who interpret abundance in such a way are simply afraid of being disliked for having a backbone.

It is essential for your value to circulate, but it must be done on your own terms. The inability to say “NO” will make you a ripe target for snakes and value vampires.

Abundant Living Gravitates Towards A Person
Who Lives By A Code

A life without principles leads to indiscriminate associations and decisions, inviting all kinds of chaos into your reality. A low value perspective turns a blind eye to this disarray under the guise of being “outcome independent”.

However, true outcome independence also entails reflection and growth.

While low-value may rationalize its actions with flowery language, its core is ruled by fear.

Fear And Scarcity Always Go Hand In Hand

Abundance WANTS to find its way into your life, but it cannot do so when an internalized sense of fear keeps blocking it out.

A major symptom of a reality rooted in scarcity is a constricted comfort zone.

By making yourself vulnerable to failure, you expand your conception of what is possible. With an enhanced vision, you see greater options and make better choices.

This process ultimately creates multiple positive feedback loops, destroying your old reality and aligning you with abundance.


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