How Your Vision Affects Your Goals


The only thing constant in life is change.


You may find changing circumstances force you to re-evaluate certain goals.

This often happens as the result of coming across new information or experiencing a mindset shift/breakthrough.

Goals are the building blocks of your vision.

If your vision shifts, you must adjust your goals.

Your Vision Affects Your Goals Because It Supersedes Them

There’s a gigantic difference between committing to an OUTCOME vs. stubbornly adhering to a PLAN.

When you first dive into your arena, you start to implement a PLAN for achieving your desired OUTCOME.

This leads to the creation of a solid high-value schedule.

However, this infinitely changing universe is constantly opening and closing various niches of exploration. If you rigidly adhere to your initial PLANS, you will miss out on better OPPORTUNITIES unfolding before you.

Remember, your PLANS only exist to bring about an OUTCOME. If this desired OUTCOME can be achieved in a more efficient way you must alter your course.

From time to time it may be necessary to change the plans you have adopted for the achievement of the object of your definite chief aim.

Make these changes without hesitation.

No human being has enough foresight to build plans which need no alteration or change.

-Napoleon Hill

It’s important to reconcile the micro with the macro in all realms of life.

Vision > Goals

Inferences of effectiveness have to be made, not from static measures of output but on the basis of the PROCESSES through which you approach problems.

-Frans Osinga

Let’s say your VISION is to create multiple streams of residual income.

There are a billion ways to manifest this same overall vision (real estate, building websites, making videos, etc).

Just because you aren’t well-suited to succeed in one of these realms doesn’t mean you need to abandon your VISION altogether

If your VISION is strong enough, it will show you the way towards the best choice. A slightly different plan can lead to a very different outcome.

Every Grain Of Rice Adds Weight To The Scale

PASSION is the fuel that keeps you grounded while you work through the process. Without it, you will lose faith in your vision.

If your VISION fades, your PLANS will fall apart (often through self-sabotage).

Goals can only materialize under the unifying banner of an overall PURPOSE.


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