Why Your Work Choice Matters


A man is worked on by what he works on.

-Frederick Douglass

The average person views work as a burden.

He hates Mondays, he hates his commute, he hates his co-workers, and he hates the monotony of his lifestyle.

In short, he hates himself.

The reason he finds himself in such as position is because he views work as “separate from life”.

For such a person, work is seen as “something to pay the bills”.

These kinds of people tend to go about their lives without living by a solid set of principles or dedicating themselves to a higher purpose.

They’re stuck within a cage of their own making.

Little do they know that OUR LIFESTYLES MAKE US WHO WE ARE.

Everything within your reality tunnel is interconnected. Your actions, work, identity, and mentality are all part of the same essence (your “WILL” to life).

Your Work Choice Matters Because It Invites A Certain Quality Of Energy Into Your Life

It’s only natural for a lame career path to mold you into a dull person.

A great example of how work molds a person can be seen in the show Breaking Bad (I don’t watch TV but this is a show I endorse).

The main character Walter White starts out as a mild-mannered science teacher who enters the drug trade as a means to raise funds for his cancer treatment. As the show progresses, he morphs into a ruthless meth kingpin due to the experiences he has within that lifestyle.

A similar (albeit opposite) kind of transformation can be seen in “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” (Amazon).

Malcolm started his adult life as a street hustler in Harlem who ended up getting incarcerated for armed robbery. While he was in prison, he read hundreds (if not thousands) of books, thus refining the quality of his consciousness. The work he engaged in impressed itself upon his character. By the time he was released, he spoke differently, dressed differently, and was in essence an entirely different person.

States of character arise out of like activities.


Your choice of work may not seem like a big deal, but it has a gigantic impact on what kinds of energies and reality tunnels you have immediate access to.

I like to think of it as a hub of sorts.

Work Is The Ultimate Vehicle For Transformation

The growth opportunities associated with a particular career/life path will have a major bearing of where you end up over the coming years.

If you write work off as something unimportant, you write your own personal growth off as unimportant.

Go forth, surrender yourself to the process, and LET YOUR WORK SHAPE YOU into the person you were meant to be.

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