The Power Of Positive Illusions

positive illusions

If you believe success is based on luck, you’re not as likely to try as hard as if you believe success comes from hard work.

-Scott Adams

Did you know, perception is ultimately a hallucination?

Everyone tries to navigate this world as best they can given WHAT THEY KNOW.

However, nobody has all the facts.

Since You Can Never Be 100% Sure About Anything, You Might As Well Choose Positive Illusions

Your “concept of value” (set of beliefs) is constantly updating itself.

A belief doesn’t have to be true for it to benefit you (think “fake it til you make it”).

Would you rather spend time waiting for absolute certainty or take action despite ambiguity?

Life itself is uncertain.

Over-analyzing your next move wastes precious time and leads to stagnation.

3 Examples Of Positive Illusions

1. Luck Doesn’t Exist
Regardless if certain forces may or may not exist (i.e. “luck”), it’s better to adopt higher-value illusions because they give you better RESULTS.

2. You Aren’t A Victim
The notorious “victim’s mentality” is a great example of a “WRONG” illusion to choose. Building an identity around victimhood throws your personal power into the wind. Whether or not you actually ARE a victim, it’s more conducive to your well-being to internalize higher-value illusions.

An example of a “positive illusion” is an optimistic outlook on life. Even a cynic (realist) benefits from this outlook because it minimizes stress and turns adversity into strength.

3. Success Isn’t A Zero Sum Game
Believing your success deprives others destroys your mind and emotional health. You’ll never find success with such an attitude.

The Goal Is To Raise Your Personal Value
As Efficiently As Possible

When I was younger, I felt as if I needed “a bit more information” before I could act. This was largely an excuse to avoid making myself vulnerable to failure.

It’s more effective to make snap judgements with pattern recognition and then refine your understanding as you work.

You don’t have to know it all to be successful. Keep building your knowledge base but don’t let its incomplete nature paralyze you.

It matters more that your beliefs are empowering than if they are true.

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