5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Social Presence

As we move deeper into the age of information, many of us are becoming increasingly disconnected from the outside world.

Old social rituals have been replaced by the comforting glow of computer screens.

People Are Living Out Large Portions Of Their Lives In
The Virtual Realm

Social media, apps, etc.

No matter if you view these changes as positive or negative, they’ve profoundly altered the manner in which we approach the world.

Technological progress within the past decade has greatly outpaced our own spiritual and biological development. Even if our brains are set to operate in the year 2015, our bodies function in the same manner as 10,000 b.c.

We have uploaded large aspects of our attention (and corresponding presence) into an alternate reality.

This leaves less energy to keep us engaged with the external world.

Such a disconnect keeps us out of touch with our roots.

Our bodies evolved to thrive in an unforgiving world of never-ending threats and constant danger. While the advent of civilization has neutralized many of these hazards, your body is none the wiser.

You weren’t put on this earth to work on a computer 9-10 hours a day.

No matter who you are or what kind of lifestyle you live, it is of utmost importance for you to recognize the demands of your prehistoric body. The goal shouldn’t be to shun technology entirely, but to use it to your benefit while also staying in touch with the interconnected nature of all that is. Prolonged electronic usage/indulgence in the comforts of the modern era dulls the mind. Lack of engagement with the external world leads to depersonalization.

Is it any wonder why so many of us walk around like zombies?

How can you expect to fuck good looking women or seize your potential when you aren’t in tune with the present moment?

The best way to increase your presence is to hit your body with a mild shock.

Throw a bit of unpredictability/danger into your life. Bring back some of that primal essence. SIMULATE some of the conditions which your body evolved to thrive in.

Here are 5 simple ways to increase your social presence:

1. Limit Internet/Phone Time

This one is a no-brainer.

The more energy you allocate to the virtual world, the less energy you have to allocate to REAL LIFE. It’s ridiculous how people can’t even sit down to a simple meal with one another without constantly checking their phones. Technology is supposed to be a SUPPLEMENT to life, not a SUBSTITUTION altogether.

2. Stop Watching Porn

Porn is an unrealistic portrayal of sexuality. It’s a convenient escape, but drains valuable sex energy and leaves you feeling lethargic. There are also plenty of studies done of how porn literally changes your brain chemistry.

P.S. When you masturbate to a woman getting fucked by another man, you are psychologically cuckolding yourself.

3. Talk To New People You Encounter On Your Daily Routine

Your body demands for you to exchange energy with others via socialization. This doesn’t mean to go and tell people your life’s story or force yourself onto them. All you have to do is let things unfold organically.

Make smalltalk with the elderly. Make a situational comment to an intriguing woman. Ask a question when something interests you.

The goal is to keep yourself ENGAGED with your SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT.

4. Go On A Slightly Different Walk Every Day

It’s no secret that some of the most renowned thinkers were avid walkers.

When you go on a walk, you stimulate your brain. However, too much repetition will lower the rewards you get from doing so. Taking a slightly different path keeps you fresh because you feel more engaged with the unpredictability.

5. Practice One Of The Many Forms Of Discipline

Discipline is all-encompassing, meaning if you strengthen one of your disciplines you strengthen the rest of them. Taking cold showers, going to the gym, or pushing your comfort zone in a growth-oriented manner will help keep you engaged with the present moment.

It’s impossible to feel disconnected when you willingly deprive yourself of excess comfort.

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