What The Power Of Life Metaphors Tell You About Your Mind

metaphors of experience

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

-C.G. Jung

Everything Unfolding In Your Life Is The Physical Embodiment Of Subconscious Dramas

The reason you’re privy to your current lifestyle is because it falls within the range of your attention.

If you’re having trouble understanding aspects of yourself or your experience, observe the opposite mirror (inner vs. outer universe).

Every experience you go through symbolizes the evolution of your mentality. Every mental adjustment brings about a change of the external.

To Deny The Power Of Life Metaphors Is To Deny Your Own Level Of Consciousness

At any given moment, you’re respectively aligned with a particular hivemind (social circle).

Every member of your group represents a different aspect of your current personality.

All of you are tuned into mutual growth experiences because you’re on a similar wavelength.

Stagnant individuals tend to spend their whole lives in one group, while growth-oriented individuals break the mold from time to time.

Experiencing A Major Mental Transformation Throws You Out Of Sync With Your Old Hivemind

At some point it becomes damn near impossible to relate to it anymore.

This is neither a good or bad thing, but simply a reflection of changed direction.

There have been some pretty crazy “coincidences” within my own reality regarding life metaphors.

When my mindset shifted, one of my best childhood friends committed suicide. In our sandbox days we found common ground through values such as self-sacrifice (a.k.a. pussy-ass doormat type behavior). As the years went by, we drifted apart. My experiences with girls slowly killed my inner-simp while he only plunged deeper and deeper into vagina worship.

The end of his life coincided with the death of my childish idealism.

It sounds solipsistic to say such a thing, but these kinds of events serve as important moments of self-discovery.

  • What do the defining moments of your life represent?
  • Why did certain chapters lead to a particular climax?
  • Why does your trajectory overlap with certain people?
  • Why are you currently aligned with your surroundings?
  • Why/when did you fall out of/ into certain relationships and social groups?

To disregard these experiences is not only naive, but downright foolish and even dangerous.

The unexamined life is hardly a life at all.


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