Why It’s Important To Have High Standards


In order to be successful you must establish personal standards of thinking and behavior that are more demanding and exacting than those of conventional society.

-Jack Canfield

Higher standards lead to a higher quality of life.

Your *standards* for what you accept within your life determine everything about you.

  • What kind of PURPOSE do you live for?
  • What kind of INCOME is acceptable for you?
  • What kind of CONDUCT do you expect from yourself?
  • What kind of HYGENIC BASELINE do you hold yourself to?
  • What level of PHYSICAL FITNESS do you demand for yourself?

All these standards emerge out of your quality of will/consciousness.

When you hold yourself to certain standards in one aspect of life, you raise your standards in the others. Self-worth (internal value) is the key ingredient in maintaining these standards.

Altering The Quality Of Your Internal World
Alters Your Baseline Of “Normal”

There’s a great quote that says:

When a mental paradigm shift occurs, the whole world is remade.

Environment appear different depending on WHO perceives it.

The more you focus on certain things within your surroundings, the more these things expand within your reality.

Everything Outside Your Standards Doesn’t Enter Your Tunnel Of Awareness

An abundant-minded individual would never work for minimum wage because he knows that he’s capable of more. Applying for such positions would never even cross his mind.

This is not done out of some snobby sense of grandiosity, but rather out of a visceral understanding of his own abilities.

In short, he knows his *worth* and knows what people will pay him for it.

Similarly, when it comes to dating/relationships, high-value men don’t waste time talking to fat/unattractive/bitchy women.

Why would a high-value man want anything to do with a woman who can’t hold herself to a minimum threshold of respectability?

High Standards Are Necessary To Achieve Anything
Above Average In Life

You can’t have higher goals without higher standards for conduct.

This doesn’t mean that you should expect something for nothing or for people to “love you for your (low-value) self”…

What it actually means is to live your life in a valuable manner.

Instead of looking for the answers, you must become the answer.

PS. Read “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.

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