How You Can Profit From Treating Your Life As A Business Expense

Everything is a business expense.

There’s no separation between economics and life.

Certain things come with the price of doing great business.

Treating your life as a business expense means to view everything as an *investment*.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have an increased understanding of “smart money”.

Here’s how you can make the mindset shift.

Every Investment Of Resources
Affects The Value Of Your Personal Company

An abundance mentality maintains higher standards.

Losers carelessly leak value. Winners make bang-for-buck investments where they matter.

Rich people are extremely value conscious. If a deal isn’t up to a certain number or threshold, they won’t even consider it.

No matter what kind of person you are, adopting such a mindset will benefit everything you do.

And there’s more.

When You Invest In Your Personal Value,
Things Tend To Go Your Way

Establishing some high-value momentum will have you exude the “halo-effect” (likability), raising your social influence. It’s necessary to keep a clean and confident appearance no matter your circumstances/lifestyle.

When the music manager Jerry Heller first met Eazy-E (former drug dealer turned rapper), he was immediately struck by his pristine swagger.

Do you think he would have signed Eazy/taken him seriously if he carried himself like a bum?


If you intend to achieve anything substantial in life, you have to maintain a baseline of respectability.

  • spending money on the gym is a “business expense”
  • entertaining high-value guests is a “business expense”
  • spending money on healthy food is a “business expense”
  • spending money in venues reflective of abundance is a “business expense”

If you don’t invest into these realms, you’ll eventually pay in one way or another (peace of mind, bad health, less options, scarcity mindset, etc).

Everything bounces back and forth within your reality.

You Can’t Expect To Elevate Yourself If You Constrict Your Cash/Energy Flows

The strategical allocation of your variables gives you more in return.

It’s funny how people “don’t have the time or money” to invest where it matters, but will waste their resources on impulse buys.

Your actions show you what you prioritize.

Aim to spend on things that pay for themselves.

If you want to embody higher-value, you have to be *efficient* with your approach to life. Slacking on any of your pillars of life is not an option.

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