The Consequences Of Social Awareness

consequences of awareness
The consequences of social awareness destroy your former life.

Walking the path of self-sufficiency reveals many unseen truths about your past. These epiphanies gradually add up over time until a new state of mind clicks in to place.

By Taking Responsibility For Your Life And Success, You Shine A Glaring Light On Your Former Excuses

If you truly intend to maximize your potential, you have to commit to seeing reality for what it is.

Self-sufficiency requires you to never lie to yourself in any way, shape, or form. Lying to yourself (living in denial) eases mental strife in the short term but causes major problems in the long run.

This level of responsibility is too much for most people to handle. However, if you’re visiting this site, you don’t fall under the category of “most people”.

When You Discover Your Personal Power, The World Starts To Look Very Different

Many find themselves opening their eyes after harsh experiences regarding the reality of love.

However, the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper than that.

Since our realities are all-encompassing, problems in one area of life indicate problems in the others. Upon realizing the truth about sexual relations, you start to understand the nature of value/power that governs the rest of social interaction/existence.

Suddenly, all of your “problems” are seen with an ever-heightened sense of clarity. You start to notice that everything surrounding you mirrors your own state of mind.

Observing Yourself As A Node Raises Your Awareness

The self is understood as a fabric of relations; a node in a network.

-Frans Osinga

Normalizing an internal reference point of “higher value” allows you to see your former self for what it is. This upsets your “network” because your role has changed.

  • Your ego/identity will die
  • Your “relationships” will suffer
  • You may have to disown toxic family members

All of that is a necessary transition into creating your own high-value reality/lifestyle.

Many Are Mentally Unable/Unwilling To
Leave Their Former Lives Behind

They’ve come to accept mistreatment on a subconscious level and thus refuse to demand better. Doormat behavior is normal for them because that’s what they feel they deserve. To make things worse, the people surrounding them reinforce such a role.

The only way to truly escape from such an identity is to experience a contrasting reality.

This requires you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Leeches And Vampires Are Allergic To Self-Respect

A particularly painful realization for me was that one of my so-called best friends for the last few years was actually no friend at all.

This man masks his manipulation under a veneer of righteousness. He likes to think of himself as a “good person” but expects everything and gives nothing.

His social circle consists of sycophants and “yes-men” who constantly kiss his ass and hump his leg to get crumbs of attention.

He always has a new “best friend” who worships him until he finds a better source of attention.

When I realized my self-respect and started treating him like an equal instead of a king, he distanced himself.

Turns out I was just another cheap source of narcissistic supply.

If A Relationship Destructs Upon The Realization Of Your Worth, There’s Nothing To Mourn

Your own self-love comes before anything else. If people can’t respect your boundaries, they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

When you change the energy of your “node”, your network changes as a response.

Keeping it real with yourself will have toxic people stay far away from you. Such individuals prey on those who are ideal-hungry, not those who respect themselves.

The consequences of awareness will turn your reality inside out, but as long as you keep holding a high-value frame everything will unfold as it should.


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