How To Leverage Social Value

Every one of us is born with an innate variety of strengths and weaknesses.

While some start off with a more potent blend of capabilities, success in life ultimately depends on the ability to leverage social value.

What this means is to use your strengths to produce a particular brand of value unique to you.

This brand/commodity can then be exchanged to acquire the resources you lack (economics 101).

Why Value Exchanges Are Relative

It just comes down to WHO WANTS WHAT.

Example: You make small talk with a group of rich men in a bottle section who lack game (which you possess). If you send some women their way, it will build rapport and give you access to greater opportunities (some of which will be far greater than you could ever imagine).

Placing emphasis on GIVING VALUE has you initiate trades by virtue of your character.

When you take the initiative to assume an important role such as a “social connector“, you put yourself directly within the stream of value exchanges. Every unfolding deal gives you *equity* as a participant.

Who doesn’t want an abundant powerhouse on their team?

Leveraging Social Value = Playing To Your Strengths

Social capital is oftentimes invisible. Assets such as trust, character, rapport, and approval can all be converted into other forms of wealth.

Dwelling on perceived lack keeps you blind to the tremendous opportunities right in front of you. Something so simple as “applied creativity” is infinitely more valuable than money.

Realizing abundance has everything to do with channeling your perceived wealth into its physical equivalent.

How can you expect to achieve anything worthwhile if you can’t even see the potential within your environment or within yourself?

You’re The Missing Puzzle Piece To Many Peoples’
Needs And Desires

All you have to do is find these individuals/groups and demonstrate how your niche fulfills their craving.

People complain about trashy reality t.v. and other shallow forms of entertainment, but the only reason such things exist is because there’s a DEMAND for them. It doesn’t matter if you’d personally use a product as long as it offers value.

Effective salesmanship is about maximizing your own personal purpose.

As I’ve said before, you can’t be all things to all people – but you can be everything to some.

You can either use your leverage to sell trendy commodities or constantly refine an enduring stream of value. Keep in mind nothing truly worth having comes easy.


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