I Created My Own Paradise and You Can Too! (Here’s How)


Your life is its own bubble. You let people into this bubble, some decide to stay, and sometimes you have to send them away. No matter what happens, the bubble is always yours and it is stable.


How Was I Able To Create My Own Paradise?

Living life as an observer grants you a limited amount of attention.

This is due to the limits of your perception.

While you can use your mind to picture greater abstractions, all you’ll ever truly experience is your own personal bubble. This bubble ultimately exists as a sovereign entity, even though it has the power to form bridges with other bubbles on similar wavelengths.

Each man lives to a certain extent in a different world, in which he can directly meet those only who are like himself, and can only attempt to speak to the rest and make himself understood by them from a distance.

-Arthur Schopenhauer

People on different wavelengths can’t interact for long.

Everything always re-adjusts to find temporary balance.

A Stronger Will Converts Into A Stronger Reality

Back when I had a weak quality of will, I would get sucked into dominant realities because I didn’t have any faith in my own. I looked to the external world for direction while completely disregarding my personal power.

My desire for female approval was at such a high level that it never even crossed my mind to build a stronger reality of my own.

I was living in other frames and was constantly tossed about by their petty whims.

Since I didn’t value my own time, effort, or energy, I would freely dispense these goodies in the hopes that someone would validate me.

The validation of course, never came.

I was merely a blank vessel – a utility to be used by those looking for an easy access value-tap. As the years went by I continually pushed my comfort zone, gradually becoming aware of my own personal power.

What I Realized Was Earth-Shattering

I looked within and saw that I hardly had a foundation at all. While others had built internal kingdoms and empires, I was still stuck in the stone age.

All low-value thought patterns had to go, starting yesterday.

My bubble of reality started to look quite different as I implemented a solid routine conducive to developing a higher quality of consciousness.

My rhythm was re-aligning itself with higher-value forms. Loser friends distanced themselves while winners frequently started to cross my path.

If you currently find yourself in my old position, it’s time for you to start building your own foundation.

  • This is YOUR life.
  • This is YOUR bubble of reality.
  • This is YOUR realized potential.

The Only Way To Create Your Own Paradise
Is To Invest In Your Value

The first step is to become AWARE of your personal agency – the second step is to ACT on it.

When you THINK in terms of value, you tend to ACT in terms of value.

The internal resonates with the external.

Consuming a steady stream of high-value influences (books, experiences, etc) nudges you to take higher-value actions as a means to maintain congruence. At the same time, if you act in a high-value manner (work out often, push your comfort zone) you’ll feel more inclined to consume higher-value influences.

Your bubble of reality is a feedback loop.

What You Focus On Expands

As soon as you start thinking about something, it becomes more prominent within your reality. The thoughts you hold within your mind color your environment, revealing new options.

By practicing gratitude, you can train yourself to see abundance in even the most adverse of circumstances.

Since thoughts are the seeds of reality, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the abundant mentality no matter what your immediate surroundings/circumstances are.

With time, this mode of thinking gradually becomes your default.

Don’t beat yourself up over relapsing because unfamiliar thoughts tend to be fleeting.

Paradise Is A State Of Mind

Your mind is a garden that requires constant maintenance (via meditation, reading and work-outs). It’s crucial to clear out all low-value thought patterns so higher-value seeds can grow. Many of these thoughts are subconscious, and are most strongly felt on the emotional level.

Personal growth is intuitive, not rational.

You can logically understand why something about you needs to change, but until you address the root causes of your behavior everything will remain the same.

This relates to your mental image of yourself and what it *believes* you’re capable of.

This image is not the same thing as your ego, since the ego tends to be a face-saving entity utilized to navigate the social environment. It’s why losers often act grandiose.

Your Self-Image Is Imprinted On Your Subconscious
By Your *Actions*

Consistent high-value actions make a winning self-image real.

Never forget the mind-body dichotomy.

Your mind IS your body – Your body IS your mind.

Many people stay attached to their mental images their whole lives because they never step outside of the roles/social nodes they’ve grown accustomed to.

Regardless of where you find yourself, you can start living in paradise TODAY.

With time, it becomes more real.

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