Creative Thinking! The Sure-Fire Way to Develop Outstanding Ideas

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How can you improve your creative thinking?

Dear high-achiever,

To reach your potential, it’s important to streamline creativity.

While it’s possible to “stumble across” insights in an organic manner, a lack of awareness ultimately holds you back.

Like the masters of the past have stated time and time again, it’s always best to work WITH forces of nature.

But I didn’t stop there.

Creative Thinking Is Made Of Systems

The brain may seem like one system, but it’s actually made of several.

  •  Willpower is the engine running your brain – it’s the desire fueling your actions.
  • The Conscious Mind is the sliver of awareness which takes action to realize your inner-workings.
  • The Subconscious Mind pieces your influences together to reveal new possibilities. This reflects the nature of your will. It also directs you towards people and places in line with your dominant thoughts.

“Vision” emerges out of will, and “goals” emerge out of vision.

This system works with whatever kind of fuel you feed it.

If you expose yourself to a stream of negative garbage, your brain consumes itself with self-defeating thoughts of failure. However, if you structure your life to absorb excellence, your mind trains itself to think in terms of success.

How Does This System Work?

First comes the thought; then, organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality.

-Napoleon Hill

Willpower is the engine of idea. Mental models are the filters. Ideas are the creators of reality.

By optimizing your *process*, you optimize your outcome.

The production of ideas runs on an assembly line. Principles lead into methods.

  • Your thoughts emerge as mental images (vision).
  • Your intuition (subconscious) reveals certain goals in line with this vision.
  • Once these goals are established, your conscious mind nudges you towards action.

Combine specific knowledge about products and people with general knowledge about life and events. Take one fact, look at it from every angle, and feel the meaning of it. Then, bring facts together and see how they fit.

Next, drop the problem and do something that stimulates your emotions (subconscious). When the solution emerges, you can shape and develop it to practical usefulness.

There’s no will without want. Idea must always come before will. Will without idea lacks strategy.

This can cause tremendous problems for you. The best action can be no action.

Sometimes the completion of a goal leads to a greater development, while other times it serves as a learning experience. Either way, the best way to build skills is to handle every immediate task with excellence.

Whenever one project is finished, another appears.

Take Every Piece Of Your Mental Framework
For What It Is

You can’t write a novel with a coffee machine right?

Expecting your conscious mind to solve all of your problems is quite foolish. It leads to excessive stress and unrealistic assumptions. Every piece plays its part.

The subconscious mind (source) is your inner best friend that wants to help you on your journey. However, it can’t do so when you don’t give it room to work.

By focusing on your goals intently for several hours or days you let them soak into your “other” brain. This sends a powerful message to your subconscious.

You’re watering the seeds of thought within your mind.

When you meditate or work on something unrelated, the subconscious then starts to reveal itself to you.

Before I understood this process, I’d beat myself up when things weren’t unfolding fast enough. Sometimes an idea needs more nourishment before it’s ripe to emerge. However, this isn’t an excuse to procrastinate.

Mental stimulation/movement (via meditation, bike rides, walks) is necessary for the subconscious to work its “magic”.

What you seek is the relationship (like a jig-saw puzzle)

There’s great value in being able to connect ideas – especially unrelated ones. The goal is to develop innovative applications, not imagine completely new concepts. Markets are created by expanding on an *existing edge* (or combining them).

An idea is a link in a chain of knowledge. It’s an illustration of a general law applying to a whole series of facts. Every idea is the result of a long series of idea-building processes which go on beneath the surface of the conscious mind.

When relationships are seen, they lead to the extraction of a general principle. When this principle is grasped, it suggests a new combination. Expressing partial ideas forwards the process of identifying larger ones.

You see, no single discipline has all the answers. It’s best to take note of the overlapping big ideas from several important areas.

And that’s not all.

You’re Possessed By Your Thought Patterns

Your brain has a given amount of “real-estate” property. This space can be rented by “thought tenants” who are either winners or losers.

A mind consumed by loser thoughts doesn’t have anything intrinsically wrong with it – Such a system has simply fallen into a certain hypnosis.

All people are hypnotized by ideas, but some of us have been tricked into believing false beliefs about ourselves.

You are not what you think you are; but what you think, you are.

-Norman Vincent Peale

In some of my other posts I mentioned how every person has an internal rhythm reflective of his/her thought patterns. This rhythm presents certain options due to what your mind perceives as possible.

However, your mind can only focus on one thought/emotion at a time.

The mind can only focus on one thought at a time. One kind of emotion drives out the other.

-Dale Carnegie

If you replace loser thoughts with winner thoughts, there won’t be any room left over for self-sabotage to seep in.

Use the great to drive out the bad.

All Work Is The Realization Of An Idea

The famous artist Wassily Kandinsky brought his work into being by placing great emphasis on the maturation of intense thought. This process is streamlined when you understand how mental systems work.

Presence of mind also minimizes fear and anxiety, which are the greatest barriers against actualization.

Why worry about the endless nature of work?

There’ll be a “to-do” list sitting on your desk the day that you die. All you should strive for is to be better than you were yesterday.

There’s No “Real” Competition
Because Everyone’s Way Of Seeing The World Is Unique

At the same time, not all brands are worthy of praise (at least not in the beginning).

There are plenty of people who jump into their arenas and expect immediate recognition for the slightest amount of effort. These folks quickly find their egos crushed when they realize ambition comes with a hefty price.

If you don’t grind you don’t shine.

Many give up because they’re unable to embrace self-development as a *lifestyle*. This simply means they were cut out to play a more mediocre role in life.

When you live in harmony with your vision, you’ll find more inspiration than you could ever ask for.

The word of the day is: CONGRUENCE

Your mind works best if you stay true to what you actually want to become. Otherwise you’ll find yourself self-sabotaging in little (or big) ways.

This is why I emphasize *lifestyle* and *identity* as key components to becoming a winner.

Our Lifestyles Are Created By Our Habits,
And Our Habits Are Created By Our Mental Systems

When you structure your mind to adopt good habits, there won’t be any space left over for bad habits.

By following the principles of your vision on a day-to-day basis, you’ll find things gradually falling into place. This is why it’s important to manage your internal rhythm.

Your conscious mind was meant to be used as a tool to optimize the infinite force within.

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Relevant Reading:A Technique For Producing Ideas” by James Webb Young.


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