Are You Aware Of The Price Of Ambition?

cost of ambition
The ambitious life is often misunderstood.

If you’re gravitating towards such a lifestyle, you’re probably seeking greater personal freedom – wanting to become more valuable to gain access to a larger reality.

However, you might be unclear about what ambition requires.

The Price Of Ambition Depends On The
Size Of Your Goals

In order to realize your potential (and attain an overall greater sense of abundance), you must allocate big blocks of time to re-invest into yourself.

  • Sounds kind of contradictory right?
  • Isn’t freedom the ability to do whatever you want, when you want?
  • How can you attain greater freedom by filling up your schedule with so many obligations?

The key word is OVERALL.

Your lifestyle opens certain doors to you based on your internal rhythm (thoughts/habits/actions) and what you surround yourself with. The more valuable gateways are only accessible once you’ve built a proper foundation for yourself.

Long term goals = Long term net benefits

Every breakthrough or finished project changes who you are as a person. Both physical and mental changes alter your lens of consciousness, revealing new options. However, in order to create such a reality for yourself, you have to destroy your old limitations by making yourself vulnerable to “failure”.

Why are you ambitious? What are you working for? What does freedom mean to you?

We’re All Slaves To Entropy Because We Can’t
Escape The Crumbling Sands Of Time

No matter who you are or what your goals may be, this existence carries with it an aspect of entropy. In order to GAIN something, you have to INVEST something. Actions always have second and third order consequences that may not reveal themselves for quite some time.

Every benefit comes with a price.

Higher goals require greater commitment of time, ultimately making you a “slave” to your ambition.  “Being free” at the expense of slacking on good habits inhibits both potential and access to greater options.

Does this hold you to the same fate as the overweight wage slave with the ball-busting wife?

Of course not.

Whereas his form of slavery keeps him within a stagnant reality of mediocrity, a man who is a slave to his ambition gradually creates a better life for himself.

It’s Important To Be *Mindful*
Of What An Ambitious Life Actually Requires

Many have bought into Tim Ferris style “freedom porn” where all you have to do is work for a few hours from your laptop on a beach. At $1200 a month you too can live in a 3rd world country and drink yourself stupid on a daily basis!

Little do such people know, a lifestyle like that does tremendous damage to their future value. The romanticism behind the digital nomad archetype pales in comparison to developing applicable skills/earning true financial independence.

I’m not saying that you should throw in the towel because of the hurdles before you. I’m actually saying quite the opposite.

Why work your ass off for peanuts when you can work your ass off for riches?

It’s better to maximize your personal value instead of living for the sake of some fake sense of freedom. Approaching the world in a valuable manner forces you to tend to more obligations, but it’s these commitments that lead to enormous developments in your future.

The smallest adjustment to your daily trajectory compounds exponentially over time.

Value Doesn’t Come For Free

The more you value your time, the more you’ll find yourself allocating it towards living a valuable lifestyle (and vice versa). There are certain things that simply HAVE to be tended to (hygiene, fitness, social connections, finances).

By slacking on your investments, you limit yourself to a smaller world.

If you act with absolute “freedom” in the NOW, don’t be surprised when you find yourself with less options in the FUTURE.

Life is all about growing into a position of experience/authority, and this evolution (or devolution) happens whether you’re conscious of it or not. If you ARE conscious of it, you can shift this process into overdrive and create a truly wonderful reality for yourself.

Time is like a river that will take you forward into encounters with reality that will require you to make decisions.

You can’t stop the movement down this river, and you can’t avoid the encounters.

You can only approach these encounters in the best way possible.

-Ray Dalio

In the end, we’re all slaves to entropy, but whether your lifestyle stays stagnant or not is entirely in your hands…

You might as well act strategically to gain access to greater options.

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