5 Crucial Differences Between Content Creators and Consumers

creators and consumers

What are the main differences between content creators and consumers?

These two psychologies emerge as contrasting lifestyles and behaviors.

As you know, everyone creates and consumes to various degrees.

However, the overall category in which you find yourself is a direct reflection of your MINDSET, and by extension, your ACTIONS.

1. Content Creators Find Work To Be Fulfilling, Consumers Hate It

Creators thrive off over-deliverance, consumers avoid it. This is largely because creators tend to structure their lives around their own personal strengths instead of “taking what they can get”.

Such a discrepancy emerges out of the degree of trust an individual has in himself.

By trusting yourself to step into a particular role, you let your mind start focusing on possibilities. These possibilities become more and more fascinating as your trajectory progresses.

Consumers hate themselves for lacking this trust, so they gravitate towards roles which reinforce their self-hatred.

2. Content Creators Spend Time Wisely, Consumers Spend Time On Entertainment

Creators think in terms of realizing value. Consumers think in terms of “relaxing”.

“Thank god it’s Friday!” is the hallowed chant of the consumer.

In order to unwind from the stress accompanying their despised roles, consumers feel like they deserve a break. They spend all their free time numbing themselves to their self-hatred instead of taking action to create better lives for themselves.

Little does it occur to them that such a careless use of time only serves to keep them stuck in their hedonistic treadmills.

Conversely, creators commodify their time and invest every second as wisely as they can. They understand that the greatest asset anyone can convert their time into is *skill*.

When they aren’t working on their life’s tasks, creators are usually busy raising their value in other realms.

In other words, they CREATE their own homework.

3. Content Creators Take The Initiative, Consumers Act When They Have To

Creators hold themselves to internal standards that are more exacting than the average person’s. Such standards typically demand that they step forward and make things happen of their own accord. They cannot wait around for circumstances to be absolutely ideal because such a strategy would waste their valuable time.

Consumers on the other hand only act when they have to (a higher-up barks an order, their bills are due, etc.). To them, the realization of larger goals is seen as extra.

“What’s the use? I’ll never make anything of myself anyway… All my comforts are readily accessible. Why should I exert any more strain than I already do?”

The metric you hold yourself to molds your form.

4. Content Creators Focus On Winning, Consumers Focus On Creators

Creators are so consumed by the daily value they develop that they have little focus left over to worry about anything else.

Since consumers don’t allocate their time towards becoming greater, they allocate it towards watching those who do. Consumers spend their “valuable” time being dazzled by lifestyles greater than their own.

Mediocrity is highly correlated with hero worship.

5. Content Creators Live For The Sake Of A *Definite Aim*, Consumers Live Aimlessly

Purpose makes life worth living.

It’s the overarching theme of your personal myth.

When you live for a purpose, all of your actions serve to compound on top of one another. Without this theme, reality loses its luster and seems pointless.

If reality seems pointless, doesn’t it sound tempting to avoid it?

(Enter the hedonistic treadmill)

It’s only natural to hate your job/life when there doesn’t seem to be a larger purpose behind it.

Everything always comes full circle between your attitude and your lifestyle.

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What are some other differences between creators and consumers that you can think of? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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