Finally… How To Get More Energy (At No Extra Price)!

I don’t know how you feel about maximizing your own unique potential, but to me, that’s a pretty good definition of perfect.

Becoming the best version of yourself is the result of the INVESTMENTS you’ve made.

Do you build value or waste it?

The Main Currency Of Life Is Energy

Not everything costs money, but everything does cost energy. “Hidden energy” is simply wasted energy.

Everything in your environment/routine is either adding energy, or draining it from you. This leaves its mark on your character, which re-arranges your reality.

As you’ve realized, the internal is connected with the external (and vice-versa). If your thoughts revolve around value, then your actions will reflect this attitude.

How To Get More Energy?

Be *selective* of what you surround yourself with.

Since everything adds or drains value, it’s important for you to spend time around things that ENERGIZE you.

Life becomes so much richer when you fully embrace the (high value) resonations calling your name.

Value = the quality of energy something gives you.

High value ENERGIZES, low value DRAINS.

This doesn’t mean to disregard harsh mentors or to embrace friendly losers.

You see, valuable energy is more dynamic than its surface quality. It’s about sizing something up as its whole.

  • A “cocky” boxing coach who points out your flaws energizes you to do better.
  • A lazy associate who wants to watch tv all day with the excuse of “good times” drains you.

Energies Reinforce Your State Of Mind

Everything around you must add fuel to your “abundance” mental model.

The average value of your daily influences mirror a certain sense of self back at you. In turn, you subconsciously surround yourself with similar energies to be congruent.

People with low quality consciousnesses (victim’s mentality) seek “outrage content” as a means to confirm their own identities. They exert “valuable” energy getting pissed off about something instead of channeling that same energy into more productive outlets. This behavior emerges out of a self-loathing ATTITUDE.

Conversely, thinking in terms of VALUE helps you to avoid energy sinks. This mindset recognizes there isn’t any time to waste on anything that doesn’t ENERGIZE. It simply doesn’t make sense to accept less for yourself.

Your clothes, environment, and social group must inspire and encourage you. Their influence should make you drunk with enthusiasm. High value stimuli helps you rise to grand heights previously unknown.

If an outfit doesn’t make you FEEL powerful, a “friend” doesn’t INSPIRE you to conquer, or an environment doesn’t REFLECT your envisioned inner world, it’s best to stay far away.

To Find Your Untapped Energy Is To Find Yourself

Everything you (consciously/unconsciously) choose to surround yourself with is a direct reflection of WHO YOU ARE.

It’s impossible to embrace high-energy surroundings without high SELF-WORTH.

You won’t be able to find paradise until you summon the courage to demand better for yourself. If you tolerate value drains that simply means you don’t have enough self-respect to elevate your life.

But isn’t this a catch 22? How can you love yourself if your current world tells you that you shouldn’t?

VALUE impresses itself on your subconscious mind (IDENTITY) with your ACTIONS.

No matter what your current situation is like, you can start perceiving the wealth within your immediate environment with a simple mindset shift. Higher-value actions will shortly start falling in line as a means to maintain CONGRUENCY. These small changes compound with time, ultimately creating a whole new personal reality.

It’s all just a matter of what you accept and what your ideal self resonates with.

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Have you experienced the difference untapped energy makes? How drastic was the change? What made you want to change your surroundings?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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