Asking The Right Questions: A Reliable Way To Save Time And Money


“The best answers rarely come from an ordinary process. A new answer usually requires new behavior.”

-Gary Keller

Why are you doing things wrong?

Why can’t you eliminate your bad habits?

Why aren’t you progressing as fast as you want?

While it’s important to identify your weaknesses, asking questions in such a manner will actually slow your progress. These questions seem like they’re helping you out, but they’re secretly sowing the seeds of sabotage.

Believe it or not, the kinds of questions you ask yourself strongly impact your reality.

You’re probably wondering, “How can I ask better questions?

We’ll get there in just a second. First, I’d like to tell you about the extraordinary power questions have.

Asking The Right Questions Helps Direct Your Focus

“Even the greatest minds can be so distracted by the search for answers that they fail to ask the right questions.”

-Gary Kasparov

We live our lives as a series of questions and answers. This back-and-forth rhythm is the pattern of your reality. By asking a question, you attract an answer in direct line with your wording.

(This is how life balances itself).

Your questions determine your direction by shining their light on your potential options.

The only way to live an uncommon life is to ask uncommon questions. Asking uncommon questions results in an uncommon approach.

Questions And Principles Frame Your Mindset

“A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.”

-Sir Francis Bacon

The questions you ask define your personal narrative. If your narrative changes, so do your questions. If your questions change, so must your narrative.

If you identify with a victim’s mentality, chances are you’re subconsciously attached to scarcity. Such a mindset will focus on all the wrong things.

What’s the point of clipping coupons when you can make more money?

Questions focused on abundance help you move forward by providing actionable solutions. Focusing on scarcity reinforces a state of lack.

Viewing A Question In A Different Light Can Give You A Drastically Different Answer

“How we phrase the questions we ask ourselves determines the answers that eventually become our life.”

-Gary Keller

Framing is important.

Since your reality is defined by your rhythm, your questions lock you into a feedback loop (or “groove” if you will). This feedback loop tunes your mind to notice certain frequencies. The more you view the world in such a way, the more prominent these “themes” become.

Instead of focusing on your problems, its better to focus on the possible solutions.

  • “Why can’t I ___?” becomes¬† “What can I do to ___?”
  • “What should I stop doing?” becomes “What should I do next?”

Illuminating the abundance within your inquiry will guide you towards the right solution. Since your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, it’s time you stop wasting energy on reinforcing your problems.

“Why” is a low-value question (in conversation) because it implies complaint.

“What” is higher value because it moves towards an *answer*.

Getting rid of bad habits and thoughts isn’t a matter of weeding them out – It’s a matter of *replacing* them.

Emphasize The Heavier Blocks

A phenomenal book to check out is “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. The basic idea is to ask yourself, “What’s the ONE thing I should accomplish right now to move me towards my goals?”.

Think about the 80/20 principle.

What 20% of your actions make 80% of the impact?

When you focus on increasing the efficiency of your systems, you give your heavier blocks their proper attention.

By making your questions big and specific, you give your mind greater room to fill in the gaps. Once you’ve designed your detailed end point, you can flesh out the process to get there. This allows you to create better processes.

Closing Thoughts

  • Don’t “cure” ineffective thoughts – Replace them.
  • Framing your questions in different ways gives you different answers.
  • Questions direct your focus. They’re linked to your personal narrative.
  • Asking big and specific questions helps maximize the efficiency of your systems.
  • It’s best to focus on the most abundant aspects of your life. (Especially if you ask according questions).

PS. Read “Awaken the Giant Within“. It goes further in depth about what kinds of questions to ask yourself.


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