“It’s Levels To This S#!t” – A (PROVEN) Guide To Process Improvement


Good form minimizes lost motion and wasted energy.

-Bruce Lee

You know the feeling.

The hunger for your next breakthrough. The craving for achievement. The triumph of beating entropy.

As you’ve realized, this drive can often get the best of you. Without the right precautions, you’re only setting yourself up for future problems.

Before you take another step towards your goals, it’s time to step back and examine the *process*.

How Process Improvement Doesn’t Work

Here’s a brief story to illustrate the point.

Reckless Richard is sorely lacking in discipline. He’s never attracted fine women, doesn’t hit the gym, and has horrible eating habits. One day, a distant family member of his dies and he inherits three million dollars.

Reckless Richard is now recklessly rich Richard.

Imagine all the things that are now possible.

Does he do any of the above?


He’s spending like crazy. He makes it rain every weekend in the club. He drives a Lambo. He buys every girl who gives him the time of day a designer purse.

It’s the old MC Hammer story all over again. Within a few years, reckless Richard is once again BROKE. Only now his net worth has dipped below negative. He never built the right mental structures to keep himself from blowing money.

We’ve all seen the same script play out. Without any floodgates, the mind sees no need to slow spending. When your baseline is lower, everything else is viewed as an *excess* to be spent.

Like the saying goes, “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

Why It’s Important To Set Boundaries NOW

  • How can you expect to be professional later if you can’t be professional today?
  • How will you suddenly be able to squat 315 with perfect form if you can’t do it with 135?
  • How will you budget your resources when you’re wealthy if you can’t do it when you’re broke?

You see, leveling up in a *healthy* way requires you to establish proper technique first. It’s just like making gains at the gym. Throwing on the big boy plates is foolish when you can’t even do a solid rep.

Average people think money corrupts when it simply *magnifies*.

Lames stay lame regardless of income.


(High-value vs. Low-value: a look at expansion)

Winning is a mindset followed by action.

Without a solid foundation, there’s nothing to build upon.

Many people fall for “lifestyle bribes” only to discover they’ve locked a ceiling on their potential. Benign decisions can trigger commitments far greater than you might imagine. Don’t let the superficial experiences of “the now” distract you.

Ask yourself, do you want external rewards NOW or greater rewards LATER?

After all, the difference between winners and losers is *long time perspective*.

(^^^Losers in action)

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the ability to *prioritize*.

Only a loser cashes out ownership over his personal brand for chump change.

The deeper you get into the game, the more you realize money’s the cheapest thing. It’s actually *freedom* that’s the most expensive.

But here’s another example.

Leverage And Returns: All About Scale, Scale, Scale

What’s the point of making money if you never leverage any of it into high-yield assets?

As you know, winners are extremely *cost effective*.

A real boss can turn a penny into a million.

It should feel extremely uncomfortable when you aren’t getting maximum results with minimal effort. With that said, never cross the line into careless or indifferent territory.

Everything always comes back to your genuine level of self-worth.

When you value your life and time, you can’t afford to spend any resources without the potential of a return. All average behavior starts from the base belief you’re incapable of greater success.

Recklessly rich Richard wastes his money because he doesn’t believe in himself.

He thinks:

I’ll never achieve my goals so I might as well indulge myself in the NOW.

The truth is, small tweaks to large blocks lead to massive changes.

It’s helpful to cluster tasks and get them done in chunks. This doesn’t mean to be unchangeable and rigid, but rather bundle what makes the most sense. You gotta spend something to get returns. Without small time risk you have no leverage.

The best way to do this is to build systems based around high-value habits. This ensures you become more valuable even if you don’t immediately succeed at your goals.

Systems are nothing more than good strategies repeated.

Why Immediacy Matters

You see, scaling up starts with immediacy.

Why drive across your city when you can take care of things closest to you first?

There’s a great story demonstrating this point in “Secrets Of Closing the Sale“.

A boy got a job shining shoes at an airport. The pay wasn’t high, but somehow he managed to make more than all the other shoe-shiners in town.

How was he able to do so?

By scaling the only *immediate* variable available.

Level of service.

While everyone else’s approach was “one and done”, the boy gave his clients a full on *experience*.

His clients were so satisfied they spread the word to everyone they knew. Soon, he had more business than he could handle on his own. The boy started his own company and the rest is history.

The lesson? Successful guys excel at every level.

The Results?

paypal(Paypal Screenshot: these tips can increase your income by over 400%)

Here’s the plain truth, putting these principles into action makes a monumental difference.

Improving the basics of your form impacts everything you do. Millions of micro actions have a bigger positive effect than a few mega actions.

What do your smaller actions stem from?

The *consistency* of your mindset.

I’ve made more gains in the past month than all previous 5 months combined. If this approach worked for me, I guarantee it’ll work for you.

Final Thoughts:

Behaviors lead to results.

When you master the basics of form, you cut down on unnecessary choices and place boundaries against value drains.

Losers have a wide variety of responses to choose from, while masters only have a few.

No matter if you’d like to make gains at the gym, improve your finances, or increase your skills, an efficient process is essential to living an abundant life.

That’s all there is to it.

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As you know, tracking your progress is a vital 80/20 habit.

Don’t be like recklessly rich Richard. Start tracking your financial portfolio *immediately* before bad habits start scaling.


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