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Personal Power begins with ownership over your time.

When ownership of your time becomes a given, the nature of your decisions change. It dissolves fear, BS obligations, guilt, and shame. Since every new decision begins patterns of thought, it also brings different 2nd & 3rd order consequences.

A low threshold for “f*ck you” money puts you in a position of power.

From Dan Kennedy’s book “No BS Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs“:

You need courage to act on your ideas. Courage to defy conventional wisdom or even the expert advice you solicit when you believe your ideas are best. Courage to start before you’re ready, to fumble around in the dark, to screw up. Courage to face embarrassment, humiliation, rejection. Courage to stand by your convictions. Courage to make demands, to set rules and boundaries, to define the way you will do business, and to impose your will on the world around you. Courage to end unproductive relationships and fire uncooperative employees or clients. Courage to wrest control of your time from everyone around you. Courage to define and pursue goals. Courage to ask, to promote, to sell strongly, noisily, visibly. Courage to ignore criticism, to focus on results.

As you’ve realized, this is a very powerful quote.

Not because of what’s said, but because this is considered “courageous”. You see, all these points are a normal and invisible part of working for yourself. It comes with the territory.

When you put yourself in the shoes of a passive consumer, this view seems extreme.

It takes strength to say “NO”.

People are too scared of “looking like a dick”. But what’s dick-ish about high self-worth? What’s dick-ish about solving problems? What’s dick-ish about helping people?

How weak do you have to be to freely gift your time where there’s no return?

Sadly, many people ignore their potential by “going with the flow” and creating a life of convenience. If you never examine your identity, you’ll never be able to optimize it. (Find out how using anchoring bias).

Everything in this quote is essential to increasing your personal power.

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