5 Rare Books To Invest In

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What Are Some Awesome Rare Books To Invest In?

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for ways to become more valuable. It just so happens I’ve discovered some unique (and overlooked) assets.

Now I’m sharing the results of my research with you.

Rare Books Increase Your Social Value.
These books are sure-fire conversation starters. Imagine everyone’s eyes opening with intrigue as you drop priceless gems of knowledge at your next event. Not only do rare books give you the bragging rights of owning hard-to-attain items, they also allow you to charm your friends (and clients) with cool info.

Everyone has a Vuitton item, but how many have rare books?

Here’s another example.

Rare Books Are Full Of Hard-Won Knowledge.
While the status afforded by them is valuable, the real value is what’s inside. By choosing to invest, you give yourself a greater edge than those who don’t. As the saying goes, “everything valuable has a barrier to entry”.

You see, the attainment of your goals depends on *clarity of vision*. With improved mental models, you’ll cut out the pain of wasted time. When it comes to learning, distinction is everything. While other books read like rambling blog posts, these books paint a razor sharp picture.

But that’s not all.

Rare Books Increase Your Yearly Income.
Not only do you get a 10x+ return on knowledge, you also get a similar return through renting them out. (A greater ROI than gold). When combined with the social benefits and improvement to your mental map, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your quality of life.

No matter if you want status, knowledge, increased wealth, or the chance to draw people in with compelling storytelling, rare books are an overlooked asset.

Looking for a new way to diversify your assets? Consider investing in some rare books today.

Like a custom suit, these books pay for themselves. With a deal like that, you can’t lose.

Here are 5 rare books to invest in:

1. Your First 100 Million

The “50 billion dollar man” Dan Peña lays it all down. This book tells you exactly how to make a *quantum leap* in wealth. He shines the light of truth on every last limiting belief holding you back from your potential. There’s no feel-good self-help fluff here.

Unlike most “motivational speakers”, Dan attained his riches outside the seminar industry. He walks the walk, in other words.

“Your First 100 Million” answers questions such as:

  • What are the defining traits for success?
  • What are the brutal truths about business?
  • How was Dan able to turn $820 to $450,000,000?

You can read the first chapter here at no cost to you.

(Not for the squeamish or PC crowd).

2. Mental Discipline: The Pursuit Of Peak Performance

What does it take to perform at your absolute best?

Olympic medalist Michael Livingston explains the insights he learned from pushing his body to the brink. It details all the fundamental principles of *efficiency*. Through a blend of philosophy, physiology, and quantum mechanics, a bigger picture comes into view.

Athletic laymen need not worry, this book applies to more than just sports. It’s an absolute MUST-READ if you’d like to learn how to maintain clarity (presence of mind) when facing the unknown.

3. The Psychology of Judgement And Decision Making

Have you ever wanted to know what REALLY motivates people?

This isn’t the BS you learned in your “Psychology 101” class back in high school. Find out why stated preference differs from revealed preference, what perceptions & biases block clear thinking, and much more.

Let me cut to the chase. Every day you don’t own this book, you’re losing money.

Not only will this book allow you to read people’s true intentions, it’ll also help you make better decisions. This will save you from much pain and align you with a better life.

4. Breakthrough Advertising

This is hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not only does it explain everything you need to know about successful ad-writing, it also offers a visceral glimpse into market forces. This perspective grants you a unique mental model to understand the essence of product creation.

“Copywriting” goes far deeper than putting words on a page. The real skill is grasping the essence of DEMAND within your market.

If you have to read one book on copywriting, it’s this one.

5. Visual Persuasion

As you know, your pictures can make or break your ads.

Recommended by none other than master copywriter Eugene Schwartz, “Visual Persuasion” is a a powerful look into the image side of advertising. Not only can images say things writing can’t, they also evoke subconscious connections.

What are the makings of a successful image ad? “Visual Persuasion” will tell you.

Since every image is an “ad” of sorts, this book offers intriguing info for every kind of reader.

P.S. If self-employed, you can add them to your tax write-offs as a business expense.

P.P.S. These books aren’t always in stock. When they are, be sure to grab a copy.


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