The ULTIMATE Guide To Qualifying Clients, Friends, And Girls

qualifying clients

If you can’t see yourself working with someone for life, don’t work with them for a day.

-Naval Ravikant

Why Is It Essential To Be Qualifying Clients, Friends, And Girls?

Time/value is of the essence.

Life’s too short to tolerate “good enough“.

Investing your energy into the wrong things deprives both yourself and others of a better life.

You owe it to your potential to minimize headaches and maximize outcomes.

This letter will save you tremendous time and peace of mind while helping you make more money in the process. When you get to the end, you’ll know exactly what a quality client looks like.

Let’s do it.

Qualifying Clients: The Basics

Qualifying clients is surprisingly easy. It comes down to knowing your worth and sticking to it.

Blindly accepting all leads is extremely foolish. Qualification is an ongoing process. Use gut feelings to disqualify, and logic to qualify.

All prospects are not created equal.

It’s insane how much of a difference quality people can make. They’re understanding, encouraging, positive, and more.

Even better, quality leads give you quality referrals.

Low-end people will attempt to abuse you and expect you to put up with it.

Let’s drive this point home with a quick example.

A few months ago, a wantrepreneur approached me with a business idea. He painted a grand image of a “billion dollar industry” he wanted to capitalize on. He expected me to invest hundreds of my own dollars and couldn’t even tell me his USP. Needless to say, his number never made it into the “SAVED” pile.

And that isn’t all.

Here’s How To Set Your Boundaries

Always work with the smartest, brightest, most competent people you can find.

-Jack Trout

The main problem people have is weak boundaries.

You see, everything valuable has a barrier to entry.

It’s important to position your brand to attract those for whom price isn’t an option. In addition, you want to repel everyone who isn’t serious.

Use discipline in qualifying and managing your leads.

Successful music producer Zaytoven charges a *starter amount* to weed out the less serious prospects. This saves time and energy.

  • (Skip to 12:08)

How does this apply to women?

You may have heard about the concept of a *choosing fee*. The basic principle is to require an upfront investment to get your attention (i.e. be “heavy” to move). Force people to reveal themselves as worthy of your energy.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The more people are willing to pay, the more they value your product/service.

Some clients pester you with questions. However, they’re actually uninterested. They’re simply looking for validation and interaction.

Don’t believe me? Politely ask a demanding client to do their research before buying your service and see how they respond.

People who approach you unprepared don’t want to buy your service anyway. They dwell on the unimportant. They’ll ask a bunch of questions and disappear when you present your quote.

  • Make your hours clear
  • Make your penalties clear
  • Make your expectations clear

(Note: in the rare case an uninformed prospect would like to buy, make it clear you aren’t to be played with.)

How can you do so?

Always charge for research/pre-work.

But here’s the most important part.

Do You Know What Kinds Of Questions To Ask?

(Share if you agree).

The deeper you get into the game, the more clear the vision must be. The clearer the vision, the harder it is to BS.

How can you make sure your client knows what he’s talking about?

By asking detailed questions of course!

The more detailed your questions the better.

Here are some brief examples:

  1. What are your business goals?
  2. Is this a one-time gig or retainer work?
  3. How does this project fit into your overall strategy?

The more experience you gain, the easier it’ll be to spot time-wasters from the get go.

Qualifying Clients – Other Applications

As you know, it’s important to make connections across various fields.

Let’s get macro with it.

Not only does qualifying apply to clients, it also applies to friendships and relationships.

What do low value “friends”, clients, and women all have in common?

They increase feelings of doubt in your abilities. In addition, they reinforce a lower-value identity. Low-value frames are extremely abusive to be around.

When you feel less about yourself, you allow “sneak haters” into your circle. These people drain your energy and mistreat you in subtle (and sometimes blatant) ways. Anyone with any self-respect would avoid them at all costs. When you love yourself (have inner-strength), there’s only room for good vibes and encouragement.

The questions will obviously change when you’re qualifying a potential friend/girlfriend. The main lesson here is to keep the overall frame in mind.

  • (Fact: Desperation attracts the worst.)

Quality mental models limit your choices from the get go.

A huge mind-f*ck for me was finding no difference in difficulty of surrounding myself with high or low value people. The real difficulty is winning the inner-battle.

There are lots of value mismatches out there. Don’t let delusional egos throw you off your game.

Once you’ve established momentum, it’s a lot easier to feel like “you deserve it”. It’s effortless to dismiss low-value frames. They become flat out WRONG to you.

Closing Thoughts

Never under any circumstances do you work with or for a loser.

-Wall Street Playboys

The world will rob you if you aren’t educated about the true value of things.

Learning to speak the language of a professional is an important 80/20 skill to learn.

Life is a matter of what you accept for yourself. Sounds simple, but it’s true.

There’s no better way to increase the qualify of your life. Start qualifying the people you interact with and watch your processes get smoother, smoother, smoother!

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