The BREATHTAKING Game Of Synthesizing Information


How would you like to play a fun game?

The honest truth is, you’re already playing it.

It’s the game of synthesizing information.

Humans do it. Chimps do it. Insects do it.

The only difference is the level of awareness.

Just look at this.

Synthesis Does BIG Things For Those Who Take Advantage

What exactly is synthesis?

Synthesis = a combination or composition.

In other words, it’s a *compression* of energy. And as you know, there are levels to this.

  1. Ideas are a compression of information.
  2. Actions are a compression of ideas.
  3. Structures are a compression of actions.

You see, all success is determined by how you compress your *time*.

The path of self-ownership itself is a mass compression.

Entrepreneurship condenses low intensity work life with little pay into a few high intensity years with the potential of substantial wealth.

This allows you to limit the downside as much as possible while searching for unlimited upsides.

And here are some more great ideas.

Making GOLD Out Of Information

Let me be crystal clear. Books aren’t the only things that compress info.

Think of the conversations you have. The influences you surround yourself with, etc.

All of these things plant seeds for future fruit.

Every *solution* is a peak of a compression wave a.k.a. an *event*.

It’s precisely how you find a niche.

You see, the “pre-work” itself is the work. An *event* is just the next step after a buildup. It sits on a structure of accumulated time, energy, or information.

Don’t fall for the glamorous peaks while underplaying the process.

There’s a reason why writers are also avid READERS.

When you take daily notes, your projects practically create themselves.

What does this mean for you?

Truly, The Secret To Progression

Synthesis is the nature of progression.

It’s the heart of advancement. It’s the key to enrichment.

After all, compression is SIMPLICITY on the other side of COMPLEXITY.

  • Skills are a compression.
  • *Events* are a compression.
  • Technology is a compression.

Compression takes a difficult problem and solves it in a simple way.

We see this everywhere.

  1. Smaller computers with more capability.
  2. Aging products combined into something new.
  3. Businesses serving value on a greater scale at a lesser cost.

Even better, there’s a lot of money in making things accessible. This also applies to taking complex ideas and making them easier to understand.

A distilled essence can hold infinite value.

A dense book can be read many times over.

You see, a quality framework allows you to project your own understanding. It’s a TOOL to stimulate THOUGHT. This is why every re-reading reveals different insights.

(You’re revisiting the same information at a new level of mental compression.)

After all, we process information through our mental models. In fact, mental models themselves are also formed via compression.

Now that we’ve covered the game of synthesis, let’s look at what to avoid.

Here’s How To Avoid Synthesis Traps

As you’ve realized, not all compressions are equal.

Simple does not equal compressed.

This is a common trap many wantrepreneurs fall into.

Some technological “developments” come with the illusion of progress because they’ve made something useless more accessible.

This multi-million dollar mistake could have been avoided by understanding the hierarchy of information.

The hierarchy of information goes:

Simplicity < Complexity < Simplicity *after* complexity

What does this mean?

Simplicity after complexity is strikingly different than the other phases.

It communicates MORE with LESS.

It solves a complex PROBLEM instead of adding bells and whistles to a simple task.

But it gets even better.

Synthesis: One Of The Best Damn Investments
You’ll Ever Make

Solutions (key elements) are found in a maze of noise.

It’s a process of purification.

You’re burning off all the dead wood in a search for the essential.

Once you’re aware of the elements that carry the most weight, you can re-use them and build upon your findings.

These “pressure points” are the gifts that keep giving.

They allow you to operate on a higher *frequency*.

There’s a reason why successful people use PRECISE language and actions.

This is because they value their time.

They can’t afford to spend hours blabbing about nonsense when a simple sentence would do. The precision of your own language tells the world a lot about you.

When you operate on a similar frequency, you attract tons of fantastic opportunities.

What are your actions compressing?


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