Wealthy Mindset Secrets! – The Best Money Advice I Ever Got

Respect for money = having awareness of what it actually is.

-Anton Kreil

What are the most important wealthy mindset secrets?

As you know, becoming wealthy requires a certain mindset.

Many people have emotional barriers to money.

They don’t understand its purpose.

Money makes trades more effective. It keeps capital circulating in the market. This allows society to function.

A common medium of exchange lets resources flow freely.

The wealthy mindset secrets we’re about to review will teach you how to use these flows to your benefit.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will be equipped with engines of wealth. This will help you avoid massive mistakes, make better investments, and live a higher quality of life.

So read on.

Gain Assets Avoid Liabilities

People who don’t understand money mix up assets and liabilities.

Wealthy people stick to the principle that they don’t take on liabilities.

Many people have money, but they aren’t aware of these wealthy mindset secrets. You see this all the time with celebrities, ball players, and lotto winners.

They end up wasting everything on BS.

Money is just a tool that expands your form. It gets you where you’re headed at lightning speed.

What are the main differences between assets and liabilities? Let’s go over some examples.

Examples Of Liabilities:

  • Car payment
  • Mortgage
  • 9-5 job

Examples Of Assets:

Liabilities are scheduled hamster wheel payment traps. They keep you stuck in place without attaining leverage.

Risk is subjective to your personal situation. You can’t assess risk objectively with lots of liabilities.

Freedom allows you to see things with clarity (limited downside with unlimited upside).

What’s the best way to attain assets?

Be The Owner

Ownership is the ultimate asset.

  1. Buy everything for cash.
  2. Own everything outright.
  3. Own your own infrastructure and have no liabilities.

Even though losses are a function of the game, the idea is to get yourself into a winning situation. Then, repeat it many times.

If you anchor yourself to a number, you take on the liabilities that number can pay for.

Want to leave your liabilities behind?

And here’s another great idea.

Value Your Time

As you’ve realized, there are tons of liabilities posing as assets.

Wantrepreneurs love “networking events” because it gives them the illusion of action. They get to talk to a few “influencers” and other wanna-be’s such as themselves. The honest truth is that valuable people are hard to get ahold of.

Real networking is done by providing value.

The most important business card is the one you put in the ATM.

Just because something’s available, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Only consume what adds value to your objectives. Don’t even let yourself get exposed to anything else.

When you ditch everything weesh, you start to value your time correctly – then you become rich.

Closing Thoughts

The 3 most important wealthy mindset secrets are:

The ultimate takeaway is to be respectful, yet indifferent.

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Time/value is of the essence.

Life’s too short to tolerate “good enough“.

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You owe it to your potential to minimize headaches and maximize outcomes.

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LOOK! Strategic Thinking Skills With Kanye West

What are Kanye West’s strategic thinking skills?

As you know, Kanye is one of the most successful artists of all time.

Just the other day I came across one of his interviews.

His philosophy sounded familiar.

The entire video is full of priceless gems. Be sure to watch the whole thing.

We’re about to go over the most important takeaways. When you finish reading, you’ll have a clear understanding of Kanye’s strategic thinking skills.

After all, it’s essential to study the winning mindset.

Let’s begin.

Kanye on identity:

People are controlled by the perception of themselves. Many are slowed down by it. They think you’re crazy when you work beyond their frame of reference. If you’re taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything.

The average person is programmed to settle for less.

This reflects itself in their identity. If you think of yourself as a loser, you act like a loser. When you view yourself as a winner, you act like a winner.

How can you achieve more?

By reprogramming your mind to set effective, repeatable systems.

As you’ve realized, success is a function of structure.

Let’s look at what it takes to maintain these systems.

Kanye on the price of ambition:

You could be a slave to a lot of things. At this point obviously I’m a slave to my passion. I’m a slave to my mission. You’re driving a Maybach past a homeless person, you ask “who’s more free?” You could be trapped to your possessions. “You’ve gotta do this next deal because you’ve gotta do this with your house!”

As you know, every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction.

To gain something means you must sacrifice other things (experiences, lifestyles, indulgences, etc).

At the same time, it’s important to be aware of second-order consequences. A “great deal” can turn out to be more expensive later on.

The real key is to keep a long-term perspective while guarding priceless assets (freedom). A large income means nothing when you’ve sold your soul to get it.

As Mike Cernovich said,

Life is finding what you’re good at/want to do + overlap with what others want.

What’s the point of having “fuck-you money” if you never say “fuck you”?

It’s amazing how little money can buy when you don’t have the right mindset.

But that’s not all.

Kanye on vulnerability:

People are enslaved to what could possibly happen. There’s glass ceilings. There’s glass fences. There’s invisible walls.

Imagine your world as a 3D projection of your mental map.

Your form spills into certain passageways (environments and actions).

This “map” reflects your rhythm. To break “invisible barriers” requires effort and discipline. The “limits” of form reveal their underlying design.

Only a select few develop themselves into catalysts (Steve Jobs, Picasso, Tesla, etc).

Want to become a catalyst to something greater as well?

Make yourself vulnerable to failure via (calculated) risk.

Let me drive this attitude home with another example.

Kanye on multiple streams of income:

When you have other outlets, you can give everything else breathing room.

This quote reminded me of Gene Simmons’ philosophy in “Me, Inc“. He says, “never put all your eggs in one basket.”

The basic idea is to monetize your hobbies, keep a regular base income, and maintain passive investments.

While this is the opposite approach of Warren Buffet’s “watch ONE basket closely” philosophy, the goal is to avoid spreading yourself thin.

What offers the most leverage?

Luckily for you, the e-commerce business covers all the bases.

STOP. Read that last sentence again.

You can sell what you have experience with, make regular money, and have it running 24/7. There’s no better way to maximize your income. With a risk-free trial, you have nothing to lose.

Talk about a grand slam!

Closing Thoughts

Now you have a clear understanding of Kanye’s strategic thinking skills.

These skills are an effective way to elevate your life.

You see, thoughts creates blueprints of reality.

When you create triumphant blueprints, you create a triumphant life.

There’s nothing more awesome, awesome, awesome than that!

P.S. (BONUS) Here’s an 80/20 benefit: Instead of looking to buy things to solve your issues, start creating them. This helps you live a better life and saves hard-earned money. Now that’s what I call win-win!