Ego: Friend Or Foe?

I’d like to tell you a story. For a long time, I was entirely too reactive to how other people perceived me. I valued damn near everyone’s opinion above my own.

My frame/ego was weak.

I wanted people to like me. I lived in fear of what other people could be thinking about me.It was a negative confirmation bias where every single failure or misstep validated my low self esteem. My mind magnified negative opinions and ignored the positive ones. [Read more…]

How To Deal With Negative People

how to deal with negative people

Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.


How to deal with negative people?

In case you haven’t noticed, you won’t get along with everyone in this world.

No matter how positive your attitude or amount of love you express, people will hate.

Maybe you remind them of some kid they were bullied by in the 4th grade. Maybe they aren’t happy about their own lives and want to take it out on someone else. Maybe you have something they wish they did (friends, money, girlfriend, etc).

The possibilities are endless.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Why They Hate

You aren’t responsible for their lives. [Read more…]

Beast and Spirit

beast and spirit
We are of the beast and of the spirit. Lower primal desires vs. higher actualization. Think about the devil and angel on your shoulders.

Id, ego, superego

The Id and superego fight for control over your decisions. This concept has been interpreted in many different ways. Humans have created anthropomorphic entities out of abstract concepts as to better understand them.

Devil   =   beast   =  id
God     =   spirit   =  superego [Read more…]

Abundance vs Scarcity

Out worlds are a struggle of abundance vs scarcity.

Put yourself in the shoes of a man whose life is abundant in every way.

  • You’re in shape.
  • You got your money up.
  • Your health is impeccable.
  • The pillars of your life are made of gold and encrusted with jewels.
  • There are tons of beautiful women ready to cater to your every desire.

Even if you’re rejected, there’s another girl right around the corner.

Now tell me this… [Read more…]

Does Conscious Reaction Work?

conscious reaction

By regulating action, which is under control of will, we can indirectly regulate feeling, which is not.

-William James

Life is a mixture of what happens to you and how you react to it. External events are outside your control so it’s vital you act with conscious reaction.

  • Positive or negative.
  • Active or Passive.

Choose your attitude. Fill your inner cup to the brim with love. Love for yourself, love for others, love for the universe.

Let it overflow and spill into other peoples’ lives.

Good vibes are contagious. Thoughts themselves have energy. They project outward and engulf your surroundings. Positive vibrations attract more positivity. Think positive and the universe will follow. Align yourself with these frequencies and watch your life fill with abundance. [Read more…]

How To Make Peace With Death

You’re already Dead.

Pause and let that fully sink in.

Go back and read the first sentence again.

You could die at any moment.

There have been athletic 20 year olds who have had heart attacks in their sleep with no underlying physical condition. A drunk driver could plow into you at a stoplight. You could slip in the shower and break your neck.

It’s only a matter of when. [Read more…]

How To Use The Power Of Visualization Today!

How to use the power of visualization?

Visualization plants the seeds for your future.

Your mind sketches blueprints of consciousness so your body can follow through.

However, if your intent isn’t clear, efforts dissolve into mental masturbation.

How To Use The Power Of Visualization:
Living Into Your Goals

Your heart and mind work in tandem in order to move you towards your goals.

Have you ever noticed how you’re drawn to certain interests, certain people, and certain places?

This is your heart telling you what to do next. It gives you emotional feedback. Your mind handles the more technical aspects such as planning your actual moves. [Read more…]