The Dangers Of Fluoride – How You’re Secretly Destroying Your Health (And What To Do About It)


Everyone knows about the benefits of drinking water.

But are you aware of the dangers of fluoride?

Many don’t know the full extent of the everyday damage they’re secretly doing to themselves.

This post will explain how fluoride affects your body and what you can do to avoid it.

So read on.

Now, Prevent Future Problems And Gain Greater
Mental Clarity

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“It’s Levels To This S#!t” – A (PROVEN) Guide To Process Improvement


Good form minimizes lost motion and wasted energy.

-Bruce Lee

You know the feeling.

The hunger for your next breakthrough. The craving for achievement. The triumph of beating entropy.

As you’ve realized, this drive can often get the best of you. Without the right precautions, you’re only setting yourself up for future problems.

Before you take another step towards your goals, it’s time to step back and examine the *process*. [Read more…]

What Everybody Ought To Know – About Making A Swipe File

swipe file

Determine the DNA of success, then inject it into your own work.

-Michael Masterson

How would you like to rapidly increase your skills in your chosen field?

There’s a fantastic and easy way to do so.

It’s called keeping a “swipe file”.

Before I started using one, making progress felt like bashing my head with a hammer over and over again. I was running at full speed with no real idea where I was headed. For every step forward, I took two steps back.

Luckily for you, I’ve gone through the pain so you don’t have to.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know how to put together a swipe file – giving you a tremendous boost to produce higher-quality work. [Read more…]

Asking The Right Questions: A Reliable Way To Save Time And Money


“The best answers rarely come from an ordinary process. A new answer usually requires new behavior.”

-Gary Keller

Why are you doing things wrong?

Why can’t you eliminate your bad habits?

Why aren’t you progressing as fast as you want?

While it’s important to identify your weaknesses, asking questions in such a manner will actually slow your progress. These questions seem like they’re helping you out, but they’re secretly sowing the seeds of sabotage.

Believe it or not, the kinds of questions you ask yourself strongly impact your reality.

You’re probably wondering, “How can I ask better questions?

We’ll get there in just a second. First, I’d like to tell you about the extraordinary power questions have. [Read more…]

How to Deal With People 101: Don’t Expect Others To Change

how to deal with people

“Often the poor man is not so cold and hungry as he is dirty and ragged and gross. It is partly his taste, and not merely his misfortune. If you give him money, he will perhaps buy more rags with it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Crazy as it sounds, some people actually prefer to live like losers.

If you were to give them a step-by-step blueprint to a better life, they would outright ignore it.

Why’s that?

Lifestyle is identity.

People only pay attention to the dominant ideas in their minds.

If a person doesn’t see his own beliefs within yours, he’ll likely block out what you have to say. Anything outside his sense of “normal” doesn’t compute. [Read more…]

7 Simple Steps To Get Into A Flow State (Must-Read Advice!)

flow state
How can you get into a flow state?

The process is much simpler than it may seem. As you probably know, getting started is the hardest part of the creative process. When you break past your initial blocks, you quickly find yourself firing on all cylinders.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know how to consistently get into a flow state – allowing you to increase your productivity every day.

What’s the best way to streamline this procedure?

Let’s start with the basics. [Read more…]

Here’s a Great Way To Become More Valuable

become more valuable

Watch your THOUGHTS for they become WORDS.

Watch your WORDS for they become ACTIONS.

Watch your ACTIONS for they become HABITS.

Watch your HABITS for they become your CHARACTER.

Watch your CHARACTER for it becomes your DESTINY.

-Sun Tzu

So you want to become more valuable.

Well I’ve got great news for you.

The smallest changes in your approach affect everything about you.

However, some of these changes are easier to make than others.

Allow me to blow your mind.

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