How To Find Inspiration By Blending Your Influences

Everything in life is an amalgam of influences.

Ideas build off of one another. Parts of reality are reflected throughout the whole.

The greatest people throughout history understood this concept well. They blended their influences into seemingly original creations.

(I use the word seemingly because nothing is ever 100% original).

Every field/arena is an evolving entity of its own

Look at music for instance. Various influences blended in different ways produce drastically different results. The roots of modern American music can be traced back to either European classical or African blues.

Blues -> Jazz -> Soul/Rock -> Funk -> Hip-Hop/rap/R&B

Every single one of these genres has spawned countless sub-genres that mingle to varying degrees with other influences. However, sometimes the ideas don’t work out so well.

It’s interesting how our collective consciousness is exploring every nook and cranny of its possibilities.

We act as vessels to aid and shape this exploration – to give it direction.

The same concept of recycling and expanding ideas can be applied to anything else.

(Art. Photography. Film. Writing. Sports. Cooking. Dancing. Computer Science. Math.)

Progressive innovation of technology by combining influences has led us into an information renaissance. The internet serves as the ultimate medium to unite many formats of expression:

  • Streaming video (youtube)
  • Spaces to share life (facebook, blogs)
  • Fluid exchange of thought bites (twitter)

The possibilities are endless.

It seems as if the flow of information is merging into one format.

Smart phones can readily access the internet. Tablets evolved out of phones and computers. TV’s have internet included.

All of these mediums are drastically expanding their capabilities. More developments allow for more progress.

Be thankful for those who paved the way.

Where would you be without your influences?

The influences that move your inner-self are asking you to elaborate on them.

Everything can be expanded unto infinity

Let the world experience your own take on things. Taking more abstract tangents will allow others greater leeway for expansion.

Your creations will also influence others to create things of their own.

Following through on your childish curiosity can lead to some interesting developments.

You might as well “do YOU”.

Appreciate your abilities. Pursue creation in a way that satisfies your inner-being.

Who cares what anyone thinks?

If you’re satisfied with your work, then your job was done correctly.

Everyone has the power to build their own unique brand.

We’ve all been exposed to a multitude of influences throughout our lives. Your mind acts as a sponge for information. Different combinations of influences give us different personalities.

Seek to tell your story through your work. Let others see the world through your eyes. Allow them to marinate and reflect upon your perspective.

There’s no right or wrong in creation

The energy you put into your work becomes embedded within it.

Why is it that certain songs, movies, and paintings push our emotions?

We feel the energy of their creator. The personality shines back at us.

I feel as if the greatest works are produced by creators who express themselves genuinely. They pour their life’s story into their work.

An authentic approach to life/creation is DEEPLY REWARDING.


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