Dare To Live With No Excuses

I dare YOU to live with no excuses.

The only reason you aren’t achieving your goals is because you are holding yourself back

  • You have a choice whether or not to try again.
  • You have a choice whether or not to accept losing comfort.
  • You have a choice whether you let the opinions of others get to you.

Your life is entirely within your own control

Master your mind. Master your emotions. Master your world.

Your life is a reflection of your inner-world.

A person unsure of himself will be lost and thrown about the current.

Expect to be treated based on how you perceive yourself. You are whoever you think you are on a genuine emotional level.

Self-loathing leads to mistreatment from others. Self-respect leads to a more enjoyable life.

No matter who you were in the past, no matter how pathetic you might have acted, and no matter how much you were unable to assert yourself properly, you can still be whoever you want to be.

Teddy Roosevelt was a massive pussy as a child. He cried all the time and acted like a spoiled brat. Eventually, he would grow up to be one of the greatest badasses of all time. He even got shot while giving a speech and made damn sure that he finished it.

It takes time to fully internalize your new reality

Great things happen when you actively work towards improvement. Excuses are roadblocks that only YOU can set upon your path. External opinions don’t have this power.

A weak mind uses naysayers as an excuse to set its own roadblocks.

No matter how hopeless your situation appears, understand that nothing is permanent.

The beauty of your changing reality is that the you can steer it into a more positive direction. The downside is that your path may also take a turn for the worse. A man of value knows how to roll with the punches.

Sometimes the world changes dramatically. Both micro scale (death of a family member, end of a long relationship, losing a job, getting a promotion), and macro scale (revolutions, newly discovered technologies, natural disasters).

I am living proof that anyone can turn their life around

The world that I currently inhabit may as well have existed in a foreign galaxy five years ago. I would have never imagined that things would turn out in such a positive way. It took a lot of reading and examination of my thought processes to understand why everything appeared so hopeless at the time.

Somewhere in my early adolescence, I lost my mojo. Maybe I’ll never fully understand why my mental strength became so fucking feeble. I gave in to the comforting embrace of alibis and weaknesses. Victory was no longer to be expected. I became surrounded by people who similarly lacked aspirations.

Why the fuck was I even alive at that point? There was no longer a life being lived. Everything was empty. Any attempt at improvement seemed futile and pathetic.

Enough was enough.

I stopped caring about the opinions of others. I started working out. I started reading insightful works of literature. I started going after the girls that I wanted. I chose a life path that would teach me valuable skills to utilize in order to eventually become self-sufficient.

How was all of this possible?

I stopped making excuses.

No excuse is ever entirely legit. If you have the willpower to achieve, you will achieve. Sometimes it may take a while. Persistence is an important quality to develop.

Find the fighting spirit within you.

You are a fucking beast.

Relevant Reading: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink


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    I just found your blog, and I’m impressed so far. In relation to this post, you should check out mine called “No Problems, Only Opportunities”. We have a similar mindset.


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