Showing Affection: Attention Tricks To Draw Her In

Affection is a commodity.

The more abundant a commodity is, the more it loses its value.

Beta love is essentially infinite in its availability.

Even though some betas are wising up to the reality of the sexual market, the vast majority of them still seem to embrace “reformed” sluts with open arms. These women will quickly become disgusted by the smothering amounts of affection their partners give them.

In order to have a successful sex/love life, you must ration your affection accordingly.

Does she deserve what you’re giving her?

Cheap Love Is Immediately Taken For Granted

If a woman merely needs to show up for you to profess your undying love, you need to get your head checked. The harder she works for your affection, the more she’ll appreciate it.

Betas are extremely affectionate because they’re sexually deprived.

In the rare instance where they do have a woman, they project all of their romantic fantasies upon her. Their pent-up sexual desires need to be released.

This readily available affection is so abundant that it’s completely worthless. It isn’t real love. It’s desperation. This outpour of emotion may seem like love, but it’s only affection out of scarcity.

If you had ten women back at home ready to cater to your every need, would you start showing affection to some chick you just met at a club?

When you’re sexually sated, you naturally carry yourself with a high-value attitude. There’s less affection to go around because you’ve already released it.

This is how self-reinforcing feedback loops are created. In order to get more women, you must already have women (or carry the attitude as if you do).

  • Do you immediately treat the first girl who gives you the time of day like a girlfriend?
  • Do you shower her with affection and praise?

If so, take a step back.

If You’re Prone To Giving Out Your Valuable Resources, Practice Self-Restraint

As much as you might want to turn your life into a cutesie romantic-comedy, recognize that real life doesn’t work that way. Such films are mere fantasies. They are projections of how some people think life SHOULD be.

If you focus on having fun while interacting with women, all lingering traces of desperation will effectively get killed off. The goal should always be to have a great time. This mindset will create a reality much more conducive to both your happiness and the happiness of others.

You shouldn’t be trying to find a girl to shower with your affection. Find girls who are receptive and then test them for their worthiness.

Your affection is valuable. Don’t give it out freely. Think reward/punishment.

The opposite of love is indifference.

If your girl is giving you attitude, keep her at arm’s length. Disappear for a few days (or longer depending on the severity of her infraction). When a girl acts up and you continue to give her affection, you send the wrong message.

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