Self-Sufficiency = Self-Respect


Self-sufficiency leads to self-respect.

Self-respect leads to confidence.

Handling shit entirely on your own forces you to look after yourself. It allows you to discover your value because you’re tested on a daily basis.

This is why it’s best to have ZERO tolerance for bullshit and flakiness.

If people don’t want to respect your time how can you respect theirs?

It’s Pointless To Beg People To Hang Out With You Because Your Time Is Theirs To Win

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known someone for a day or for 10 years…

Treat everyone with a basic sense of decency, but if anyone fucks around simply distance yourself. The smart man IGNORES that which doesn’t add value to his life. If you feel hatred and resentment towards others it’ll only hurt YOUR progress.

Forgive people by cutting them off. You can only love some personalities from afar.

Your journey is only between you and your inner-voice. Expect people to flake, expect people to run their game, expect people to pursue selfish endeavors…

You’re The Captain Of Your Own Ship

A true artist tends to his reality with as much care as his creations.

I know it sounds crazy, but YOU are the one who has the ability to mold this fabric before you… You’ve probably spent most of your life scared of the medium, but that’s only because you don’t give yourself enough credit for your own abilities.

Your potential is infinite. You have over a billion dollars within you that have yet to manifest.

How can you be mad when you yourself are rich?

You carry the wealth of the universe with you – whether you realize it or not is YOUR fault.

This whole time, I’ve been sitting on a goldmine.

Wouldn’t you take care of your gold mine if you had one (hint hint)?

Your Actions Bring About Your Wealth

When you sense your value, you won’t let anyone treat you like shit.

People will attempt to get away with as much as you’ll permit. Both men and women test your BOUNDARIES to see if you’re a loser.

When the correct high-value attitude is internalized, tests mean nothing because you have a strong reality/presence/frame. If people cross a certain line, you have to charge them to the game no matter what… if you don’t do so, you have ZERO integrity and ZERO power.

It’s easy to make rationalizations when perceived “higher” value people treat you poorly, but the only reason you would make any excuses is because you feel as if such individuals possess more worth than yourself.

Certain boundaries must be held to an absolute standard.

Your Boundaries Sculpt Your Reality

What behavior will you accept from the people around you?

You ALWAYS have the option to distance yourself from ANYTHING and ANYONE. There are many different paths you can go down, and too many people let themselves passively drift from one stream to another.

That supposed higher value guy completely disrespected me? That’s ok, I’m too dependent on him to sculpt my lifestyle for me to erase him from my reality. I don’t have the balls to function on my own…

The higher you rise, the more familiar you’ll become with power and the pressure it holds over people.

You hold more power than you realize – you just have to find out how to harness it.

It’s a lot easier to use power when you don’t give a fuck.

So How Do You Stop Giving A Fuck?

You lose your dependence on others. Their reactions should not concern you because your lifestyle is already fulfilling on its own.

You truly have nothing to lose.

If you have to scrap with someone from time to time, SO BE IT. It’s more important to hold your ground than it is to win.

If you have a weak frame, people will walk all over you because they don’t know where your existence ends. Emotional control is key, but sometimes you have to release well-timed bursts of anger.

Will you let people turn you into their bitch?

Line-steppers show immense disrespect, ESPECIALLY if they’re aware of well-established boundaries. If you can’t handle conflict, people will see your frame as weak and start pushing you around.

If you’ve ever been to a concert you know how people start pushing when it gets crowded.

Are you the pussy who gets pushed, or do you stand firmly in YOUR place with your elbows out?

This shit isn’t even hard – the vast majority of people will respect the space you claim. You just have to hold your ground.

No One Will See Your Value Until You See It Yourself

Having rigid guidelines for the standards of your lifestyle will re-arrange your external reality much quicker than expected. After all, your ACTIONS stem from your PHILOSOPHY. When you lose compatibility with certain people, you wish them well and head off in your own direction. Trying to force things expends excess energy and is non-conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

It’s rare that people will be blatantly overt with their verbal communication, but their actions are another story. We hear the feedback from reality LOUD AND CLEAR but many of us create elaborate rationalizations to protect our fragile egos.

When your self-respect is such that your ego is no longer weak, you can accept reality in all of its raw and unadulterated glory.

The higher standards you have for the behavior of your associates, the further you’ll grow.

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