5 Key Rules Of Success

principles of progress
Putting in work is the greatest way to bring purpose to this neutral existence.

Every single person has the potential to realize their life’s task, yet many are unaware of the power within them.

It’s easy to get bogged down by externalities and bad advice – after all, we live in an age of information overload.

While it’s never been easier to find the answers you seek, you must first sort through a lot of irrelevant bullshit.

These 5 rules of success will help guide you through the noise and keep your head level.

1. Time Is The Most Valuable Resource

You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. As soon as you recognize the value of your own time, you’ll stop spending it on people who don’t respect what you bring to the table.

This goes for both men and women.

A man who values his time naturally aims to self-actualize.

Sure you could hang out with people who are “chill” with you, but life’s about so much more than that. It’s a lot more rewarding to spend time in a stimulating environment with individuals who inspire you. Our world offers endless possibilities, and the only way to find your path is to *prioritize* your time.

Think of it as an investment.

2. Look At A Person’s Results Before You Take Their Advice

Anyone can have a passionate opinion about something, regardless of how informed they actually are. Words mean next to nothing. They arise out of a person’s frame and serve as a means to describe their experience.

Getting into arguments is pointless. A sexless white-knight loser is dedicated to his lifestyle because he believes he’s right regardless of his results. If you want to self-actualize, you must incorporate the beliefs of high-value individuals into your own life.

How do you find these people?

Always look at results.

3. Progress Is Accumulative, Not Linear

Golden opportunities don’t regularly fall into your lap. You must actively work towards such moments on a daily basis. Follow up on the things that speak to your core…

Temporary sacrifices are all part of the process.

Chances for advancement are infinite in their abundance. Your number one goal should always be to find out as much as possible.

Don’t expect things to happen instantaneously – Progress is forged through dedication if not *obsession*.

4. Don’t Wait On Circumstances To Be Ideal To Take Action

The playing field will never be entirely favorable. While some days will yield more fruitful results with less effort, it’s when you stagnate that your focus is needed most.

What this comes down to is possessing the strong inner-game necessary to withstand the inevitable ups and downs of this fluctuating universe.

Sometimes you may lose sight of the big picture and focus exclusively on immediate negativity and lack. However, it doesn’t matter if you lose motivation as long as you keep going through the motions. Throw yourself into your arena and adapt as you go.

5. Take Note Of The People You Spend The Most Time Around

This principle gives you important *feedback* about where your thought patterns and lifestyle choices have led you. If you spend the majority of your time with low-achieving losers, that makes you one of them.

You can change your lot in life by associating with people who possess the traits that you would like to have. We tend to absorb the most prevalent mannerisms of our immediate social environments.

Having a mentality focused on actualization will let you vibe better among social circles who think similarly. Like always attracts like.

Closing Thoughts:

These principles seem so simple, yet many people fail to use them properly.

Much of realizing your own high value has to do with shedding all dead weight (cutting off losers, stop wasting time, disregarding bad advice). The rest has to do with taking conscious and concentrated action while staying mentally grounded.

There’s nothing wrong about optimizing your potential.

As time ticks away one second at a time, you’ll have to rely on your internal roadmap (principles) to make some key decisions…

What path will you choose?

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