Ego: Friend Or Foe?


I'd like to tell you a story. For a long time, I was entirely too reactive to how other people perceived me. I valued damn near everyone's opinion above my own. My frame/ego was weak. I wanted people to like me. I lived in fear of what other people … [Continue reading]

Beast and Spirit

beast and spirit

We are of the beast and of the spirit. Lower primal desires vs. higher actualization. Think about the devil and angel on your shoulders. Id, ego, superego The Id and superego fight for control over your decisions. This concept has been interpreted … [Continue reading]

Abundance vs Scarcity

Out worlds are a struggle of abundance vs scarcity. Put yourself in the shoes of a man whose life is abundant in every way. You're in shape. You got your money up. Your health is impeccable. The pillars of your life are made of gold and … [Continue reading]