How To Successfully Convey Inner Value

convey inner value
A large part of life is the ability to successfully convey your value to other people.

Even if you have supposed high value, acting like a little bitch will get you no where.

There are millionaires who are “winners” on paper, yet are unable to get their wives to fuck them because they don’t know how to convey a valuable attitude.

How Does A Man Of Value Make His Mindset
Known To Others?

Let’s see… his life’s already taken care of, so there’s ABSOLUTELY ZERO neediness.

There are no excuses or rationalizations.

Women get one chance to enter your reality. If they flake or give you attitude, they are gone. A girl who gives you wishy-washy answers wants to keep her options open. If you convey high enough value, women don’t hesitate to fuck you.

A winning attitude is in high demand. Any woman who has a chance to get pounded by a perceived winner will leap at the opportunity.

Such an experience is a breath of fresh air compared to the disgusting supplication she must typically deal with.

To Convey Inner Value, Make It Clear That You DO. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK.

If you’re getting flakey numbers and zero lays, try to re-examine how you express yourself.

  • Be willing to delete numbers.
  • Be willing to walk away at any time.
  • Don’t follow girls around at the club.
  • Don’t wait in the same spot while they “go to the bathroom”.
  • Don’t make out for long periods of time (it ruins the sexual tension).

A willingness to walk away will often have the girl boomerang right back towards you.

There have been many instances where I deleted a number only to get a text a few days later, begging to hang out. After hitting them with the initial “who’s this”, your value shoots through the roof.

It’s Easy To Turn Flakiness Around By Throwing All Bullshit Out The Window

This proves that you don’t care about the outcome, which is extremely attractive.

Girls are a lot more receptive when you make your internal value clear through your actions.

Such an attitude allows you to remain nonchalant while setting hoops for THEM to jump through.

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  1. […] Girls aim to reduce sexual tension throughout the mating dance by throwing out beta bait (fishing for compliments, demanding that you apologize for an insignificant matter, asking you to do shit for her, etc.). Such seemingly benign remarks and requests can quickly ruin the vibe you have built. If you still have beta tendencies, it might be EXTREMELY tempting to reassure her that you are “not like other guys” and that you don’t want to pressure her into sex. Every single shit test you swat away only serves to BUILD the tension. The girl WANTS to become attracted to you, and she is giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your high value. […]

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